A Convincing Rhyme To Drop A Dime!

After today you'll all nod and agree. You'll nod and agree with even a flea. Why is that? Because I'm such a great cat. Don't think that? You will soon where you are at.

The cat is great.
The cat is grand.
I'm never second rate.
I have my own band.

But you may not.
But you may hate.
You may get eye rot,
If you take the latter bait.

Saved your eyes.
I'm so great.
They won't be food for flies.
You can stare at your date.

Found you one.
"I like animels, stuffed turkley, stuff and things,"
She sounds like fun.
I bet she likes diamond rings.

I gave you one.
And only one too.
No long dating run.
No brainless two by two.

Score another for me.
That's double the win.
I'm sure by now you can see.
I'm sure by now you are in.

Being in is best.
It passes any test.
You don't even need to be a guest.
Out is such a pest.

Thought on that?
Told you so.
You love the cat.
That I do know.

And now you do.
All because I shared.
You'll never use my loo,
But at least I cared.

Cared to show you.
Show one and all.
What I said was true.
Now go buy me something at the mall.

Still not buying it? What was that shit? My, you may have a brain. You didn't board the sheep train. Don't you love when convincing is had? Telling you everything you want to hear at your pad. Then you nod and agree. Like you just did for me. Oh, I know you agreed with me after my ohhhh so convincing pass. It is okay to tell my oh soooo convincing little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A Convincing Rhyme To Drop A Dime!
    That one could well do it all primed
    Was feeling great
    You've had it made
    But they kept dodging all the time


  2. I do often nod...off to sleep!

  3. I'm nodding and agreeing with you,
    no contrary nay-saying
    I'm down through and through

  4. Oh we so agree with you. Why not.

  5. I nod and agree
    but then do my own thing
    keeps us all happy
    and wanting to sing


  6. My mom always nodded and agreed with everything we said then went and did her own thing:)

    1. haha the way to be
      Just sit back and pretend to agree

  7. Yep just nod and agree and hope they go away.

  8. Nod and agree
    Then quickly flee
    Do my own thing thing
    See what it might bring

    1. What might be brought
      Could be nice to be caught

  9. Just nod as if you are listening, then quickly leave the room.

    1. Yep, get the heck out
      Even if one doesn't know what it's about

  10. You are such a great cat indeed!

  11. I read this and I'm not sure I agree

  12. It's easier to just nod and agree.
    Rather than starting an argument you see.

    1. That it would be
      As many would argue with even a flea

  13. Those are people I like to avoid
    As they flare up my adenoid.
    But when I can’t escape
    I stand and stare wishing for some tape.
    I want to tape their mouth shut
    And tell them to just get out

  14. Seems it’s the polite thing to do these days, especially with political talkers. Just nod and agree so you don’t have to hear the rants of those political lunatics.

    1. Ugg, those rants would suck
      On them we'd pass the buck

  15. A great verse Pat although a day late in reading.


  16. I can nod and agree with the best of them, but inside my head I'm a million miles away. Just don't ask me what you said though. Take care, Pat!


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