A Little Deceit Meet And Greet!

The cat will help you out today. I'll stick them all in one spot at my bay. Well I guess I lied. Damn, I already took you for a ride. Where did we go? Damned if I know. I better get going before I add more. I don't want to be a completely deceitful shore.

Easy to install.
Already had a ball.
It's filled with deceit.
No need to repeat.

Luck is on your side.
Deceit took you for a ride.
Fake word and fake crap.
Sorry that you lost your pants, chap.

It's fun to run.
Yeah, and I'm a nun.
They are both such a true fact.
Didn't you see the cat in Sister Act?

Things will get better.
Are you my volleyball setter?
Can you get it in the air?
I broke my leg, not fair.

Things can only go up.
Umm, sure, right, yup.
The house just went boom.
I did climb a mushroom.

No knowledge necessary to apply.
So a plane I can fly?
Sign me up today.
With those big things I want to play.

Makes life easier.
Are you a pleasier?
Now I have Grammar Nazis after me.
I thought you said life would be easy?

A monkey could do it.
Did they just throw shit?
Did they just eat your ear?
Damn, I so want a monkey near.

It can help you.
And I can moo.
Sorry, I don't.
I can, but won't.

Knowledge is power.
Wow, I just used up an hour.
I learned that grass can grow.
I'm so powerful at my show.

Know any more deceitful sayings at your shore? We could go on forever as there are plenty more. Most of them are just crap. Sometimes true when they take a lap. But more often than not, they have no bearing on the plot. Of course if you hired a man servant or some maid lass, you could make life easier like it is with a human slave for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Easy as pie - well, let me tell you, pie is really not that easy! That's why I purchased a store made sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving.

    1. haha store made for the win
      Quicker at one's bin

  2. Knowledge is power in a situation or two
    It's good to know if someone is silently running against you
    In some cases though,
    it can be a waste
    I'm taking 3 classes
    I was told to take in haste.
    It's throwing away my time, and power is naught
    If it wasn't for a new certification I need, I would have fought. ;)

    1. A lot of those classes
      Are money sucks by the masses
      Most are just sooo boring/dumb
      We skip when we can and then some

  3. How about buy one get one free? Isn't that the sames as two for half price?

    1. Yep, exact same thing
      But guess it has another ring

  4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
    No truth with that as doctors are here to stay


  5. 'Cancel at anytime' is a favorite here!

    1. Yeah, that is full of crap
      Have to avoid that trap

  6. Grammar Nazi sez: How would you like a kick in deceit of your pants?

    1. Can you kick that high?
      Is it deceitful to tell such a lie

    2. Silver Fox, awesome that is!!
      What a kick in the pants for deceitful biz!

    3. A fan
      Sure not a flash in the pan

  7. "Buy one and get the second one 50% off" My husband, the Math guy, settles the deal easily. No deal at all.

  8. A Little Deceit Meet And Greet!
    Many more deceits but to dread
    Know the sayings
    Keeping them in mind
    Safeguard from getting into shreds


  9. Knowledge is power
    but many just sit and cower.
    The knowledge is in the fine, fine print.
    Most don't read this so they are taken for a mint.

  10. I just bought some hats at the store. Sign said Buy One Hat Get One Free *excluded cold weather accessories* Well, wtf is a hat if it isn't a cold weather accessory!?

  11. Everything happens for a reason, or everything works out in the end.
    Ain't always so, my friend!

    1. Nope, in the end you could get screwed
      To that we sure give attitude

  12. No deceit from me when I say
    Happy belated Thanksgiving Day!


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