A No To Yes Button Press!

You humans can sure confuse. The exact opposite is what you use. When you want to say this, you say that. I'm supposed to be the only confusing cat. Guess I better up my game to keep my amused and confused claim.

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That's a no.
A no to go.
Take it and run.
That's what is spun.

My brain says so.
It stays a no.
A no that is had.
I don't feel bad.

My lips flap.
They fall for the trap.
No turns to yes.
Oh, what a mess.

I wanted no.
I wanted it so.
I wanted it more.
More than anything at my shore.

Why did I flap?
Flap my dumb yap.
Why couldn't I say no?
I wanted it so.

See? I can repeat.
That sure is neat.
It means double the no.
But my lips are a foe.

No to yes.
More not less.
Stuck with more.
More with a yes encore.

Yes from no.
How does it go?
No in the head.
Yes gets said.

Flip and flop.
It won't stop.
Yes in the head.
Yes gets said.

What's with the lips?
They want free trips?
Maybe those hips?
Hmm those other lips?

Do you think no and then say yes? Come now, you can confess? Is that a no? Whoops, a comment below. Proved the cat right there with seconds to spare. No to yes. More not less. Then you humans wonder why you have so much to do. If only lips came with a no and a clue. Why did you say yes to that out of the grass? Beats me, it wasn't the lips of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. A No To Yes Button Press!
      Affirmatively nothing less
      Oh yes, it is
      Nothing amiss
      How very confidently blessed!


    2. Number one
      Back to fun

      Confidence is key
      From sea to sea

    3. I said no to waking up that early today.

    4. But did you wake anyway
      With the day

    5. Little late
      Hank didn't take the bait

  2. I am guilty of saying no then yes
    That I have to confess.
    It;s only when I weigh up the pros and cons.
    That I realise in the first place I was wrong.


  3. It is hard to say no in some cases. Depends on the subject gut yes is the easy answer. Pat you have a great day.

    1. Yes can be the easy one
      When many a thing is given a run

  4. Some humans are natural born flappers!

  5. Guilty. It's a tough one. Sometimes I've been glad I said yes. And others . . . not so much. lol

    1. lol there are those times
      Would rather be watching mimes

  6. Yes. No. Maybe. What was the question again?

  7. Ha i say yes
    and sometimes no
    and of course a maybe
    which usually means no
    I guess that is how it goes
    did you follow my flow
    flip flop away I go

    Have a good day

    1. Flip and flop
      A no to drop
      A yes to stay
      Maybe and on your way

  8. I think no and then my finger presses yes and the drone delivers from Amazon immediately

    1. There you are
      And a credit card charge isn't far

  9. LOL.....as always, you crack me up. Been away awhile and am playing catch up. Have an awesome wkend.
    Sandy's Space

  10. Yep, I've been known to think no
    but out of my mouth comes yes
    and then end up doing something I may not want to
    or settle for something less


    1. Seems to be the way
      even as the brain gives no a say

  11. Life is full of contradictions. After all, a "slim chance" and a "fat chance" are the same thing.

    1. Yep, both hold the same weight
      May not want to use the latter with a date

  12. My no always stayed no. It was easier that way.

    1. That it is
      When dealing with the no and yes biz

  13. You have to understand humans, cat.
    Sometimes they say no when they really mean yes.
    The best thing to do is just take a wild guess.

    1. A wild guess you say
      So have to go into the jungle to play

  14. My first reaction is to say no
    My hubby hates this so.
    We have a heated discussion
    Til my head feels like it had a concussion.
    I tell him to let me ponder it for a while
    I then might say yes..but I say it with style

  15. No means no until the kids badger relentlessly for hours. Then, it’s do whatever the f*@# you want and leave me alone.

    1. haha they know how to win
      Badgering away at your bin

    2. Yeah, they must have badgered her a ton
      On a F bomb run


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