A Significant Look Here At Our Nook!

The cat is still here alone. No one even picks up the phone. And yep, it's as nice as can be. We just make those intruders flee. We may do it in a significant way. That just makes our day. By we, I mean Cassie and I. She can be significant to this rhyming guy.

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Some will come.
Some will go.
Big or small bum.
Tall or quite low.

Hey, it rhymed.
So it was said.
It was well timed.
So don't worry your pretty little head.

Some have an impact.
Some just walk by.
Some have little tact.
Some you make fly.

In the memories burn.
In the memories stay.
I guess that's how you learn.
And it gives you something to say.

But then stuck on one.
One only the case.
May have met a ton,
But stick it to only one face.

Slap it on there.
Take a big stamp.
But stamper beware,
Your leg may cramp.

That's the best option.
Others are worse.
You may end up for adoption,
Or just get a curse.

Significant others do that.
They may even get arrested.
So avoid this part of the chat.
Unless you are being tested.

But there it is more.
Nope, came out all wrong.
We'll give it an encore.
The significant other song.

So what are the others?
Do they have their own scale?
Like mothers, sisters, friends, enemies, brothers...
Do you rank them from pass to fail?

Do you have a significant other? Sounds so weird saying it is mother or brother. Unless one is a hillbilly and into that thing. Then ummm power to them at their wing. Or is it husband or wife? Do you give significant strife? Do you not use it at all? Maybe you are PC and give partner a call. In a Howdy Partner kinda way? That may not turn out okay. But aren't others significant too? Or are they just wonderful at their zoo? The cat will have to go ask the singing bass. He can significantly hurt the ears of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Not bad for being on blog break.
      Significant other sounds odd. I say my wife.

    2. A break to win
      Yeah, does sound odd at one's bin

    3. Significant other?
      Oh I don't bother
      Call her The Missus at my tent
      Wish she would pay the rent :)

    4. haha a free loader, you say?
      Geez, there goes your pay

  2. I have no other Pat.
    And that my friend is that.
    I live a very lonely life.
    Trying to get rid of tears and strife,

    Great poem Pat.
    Enjoy your day.


  3. That particular expression pops up a lot
    I try not to give it too much thought

  4. I don't use that. Ray's my "hey, you!"

  5. We think most of our others are pretty significant!

  6. Don't forget about Norman Bates and his mom.
    That relationship makes me pause and say, "Um?"
    Perhaps that's not good example to give
    or maybe I should say live and let live
    Although their lives didn't go too swell
    Mom in the attic, Normal almost down a well.


    1. Yeah, not very swell
      Ended up quite like hell
      Um sure is said
      Better off in Club Med

  7. Most of our significant others are cats and they are such good friends. Pat, you have a great day.

  8. I've called Terry my better half, but not my significant other.
    I'm brain dead this morning ~ can't think of a rhyme but mother or brother.
    So I'll just say, have a great day at you're bay!

    1. Your brain is caught in a cloudy smother?
      Is that a stretch past mother or brother

  9. A Significant Look Here At Our Nook!
    Playing hard to get and it was no fluke
    Saying 'Howdy partner'
    So helping one another
    Significant one other and he's no crook


  10. I don't call my significant other, "significant other." I just call him "crazy."

  11. Just got a hubby
    not a significant other
    may be one in the same
    but at least he's not a brother


    1. haha yeah, that is good
      Don't want that at your hood

  12. I call my significant other 'hubby' or 'honey' most times.

  13. I call the old man by his name most of the time except when the granddaughter is here. Then he's the pappy. Lots of significants in my life, family and friends.

    1. Lots is sure the best way
      By name is easy to say

  14. Such a profound post from the cat! I hope that I always leave a good impression, if I'm remembered.

    1. Profound from the cat?
      Damn, we can't make impressions like that

  15. I never liked the term "significant other." But when you're my age, I suppose "girlfriend" sounds a bit odd.

    I used to go to a particular restaurant with one of the women I dated at the time. One night, I went to this restaurant alone. The waitress asked me "Where's your significant other tonight?" and I replied "Well, I don't know how significant she is, because I do see other women, too..."

    1. haha fun to play with the word
      Did you get a good reaction or she think you absurd?

    2. She looked rather shocked, actually.

    3. haha speechless is fun
      When they give it a run

  16. I just say I have a Missus. Significant other sounds a bit weird to me, like you have two wives: this one and a significant other... :D

    1. haha yep, can be used many a way
      Two would be hard to manage at any bay

  17. Sounds like Cassie is definitely Orlin's significant other:)

  18. I got a hubby as well. Never used significant other; the term is better used when the other partner is not clearly identified or labelled, I think.

    1. Yeah, may be best that way
      And not when hubby is there to stay

  19. Mm, I never used the term significant other.
    But I did have a wonderful husband like no other.
    Now I have two cats and a dog.
    What I call them depends on whether they've been good.

    1. haha yeah, they can get called other things
      Far worse than dingalings

  20. I hate that term, but I guess it's better than what my cousin calls her husband, which is Agent DA (Dumb Ass).

    1. haha might be okay
      Until you find out the definition of the DA

  21. The PC terms flew in and stuck, didn't they? It took me a while to figure out what DH and DW meant (dear husband and dear wife) on the Internet!

    1. Yep, flew in and stayed
      They don't seem to want to fade

    2. PC makes me sick
      They can go sit on a stick
      A spade is a spade at my show
      Or they can have some snow

    3. Snow they can go keep
      Take a big sinking leap

  22. I am the significant other😁. My hubby is my hubby who is home....all the time. I would not mind a night or 2 just me but it is not meant to be. He used to work afternoons but rheumatoid arthritis set in for him and he is now on a pension

    1. Well togetherness can be grand
      Ugg to arthritis in any land


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