An In The Know With This Flow!

The cat knows a ton. I see things as around I run. I know you can't pick up a ton. Sorry, the Hulk is not really anyone. He is some computer generated thingy. Maybe even a majiggy. Beats little old me. But did you know at your sea?

Did you know.
Did you know.
That a cheating I must go.
Did you know?

Did you know people mate?
Did you know houses can have a gate?
Did you know I'm a cat?
Did you know people can get fat?

Did you know I'm typing now?
Did you know the weather can wow?
Did you know I hate snow?
Did you know this may flow?

Did you know a stupid question?
Did you know a stupid suggestion?
Did you know one you can make?
Did you know you may not want to partake?

Did you know I have eyes?
Did you know I may be wise?
Did you know that I eat flies?
Did you know that you'd reconsider the wise?

Did you know that babies stink?
Did you know that eyes can wink?
Did you know that hairballs stick?
Did you know that they are rather ick?

Did you know these are questions?
Did you know the cat takes suggestions?
Did you know the cat may ignore?
Did you know the cat can open a door?

Did you know I talk first and third?
Did you know that can be a bit absurd?
Did you know a welcome mat can do that?
Did you know it can be full of scat?

Did you know any of this?
Did you know that knowing is bliss?
Did you know that a ball can sting?
Did you know that I would give this a ring?

Did you know redundant gets said?
Did you know most of this should be in your head?
Did you know I'm almost done?
Did you know another rhyme would be spun?

Did you know this would come? You can tell my rhyming bum. Did you know all of that? Most was common sense from the cat. But did you know that people ask such stuff? Did you know that they think it rather umm tough? Did you know that they act like they got the best secret ever? Did you know that it is such an annoying endeavor? Did you know I would give this many a question pass? Bah, I know you know it is not the first time from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Starting again,slow!


    2. Back on a streak
      At your creek

    3. Did you know Hank would be number 1?

      Good Afternoon Hank!
      Good Afternoon Pat

  2. Great Sunday reading Pat Thanks.


  3. An In The Know With This Flow!
    Making it bright and big show
    Did not know
    How to go
    Keep asking good things to follow


  4. Dang it all, I didn't know that!

  5. I did suspect another rhyme was coming. I did not suspect Hulk wasn't real. He's the one that makes me laugh. Say it isn't so. ;)

    1. haha just so outta luck
      Maybe Santa will pass the buck

  6. I haven't come across many like that. Lucky me!

  7. Some people claim to know a lot- or at least want to show it.

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  9. Hmm, Did you know a stupid question sounds familiar.

    1. Has a familiar ring
      Damn, there's such a thing

  10. You sounded like my 5 year old grandson. He went through the whole "did you know' phase. Now it's 'why?'. lol

    1. lol why sure comes about
      As they seek answers out

  11. Did you know cats can get fat too?
    I wouldn't tell Patches that though, would you?
    Yes, I knew cats are great at ignoring.
    Sometimes they even act like they're snoring?
    Or are they really?
    Never mind, I'm just being silly.

    1. Yep, that they can indeed
      Cassie got there at our feed
      And they can fake with ease
      Just do whatever they please

  12. There are somethings I just don't want to know.

  13. did I know you'd rhyme?
    well, it's about time
    other things I do not know
    I wouldn't sink that low

  14. Don't know much this time around
    But sometimes that is better I have found.


  15. I usually say no when asked did you know. Don't wanna sound like a no it all, even if I did know. And, I also hate snow.

    1. BAh, I'll say yes if I do
      And yep, snow is worse than dog doo doo

  16. No...I didn't know
    Now, should I eat some crow?
    that is my sass
    thinking..."Kiss my ass."

    1. Eating crow and kissing ass
      My, aren't you a umm different lass


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