Another Can't Goes Down A Slant!

So dramatic you humans are. You'd think you just stepped out in front of a car. And the car actually hit you. May explain why many are brain dead too. But we'll leave that for another day and just be on our way.

My shoe. My shoe.
Nope. Not a cry from Blue.
Just some shoe nut.
Probably in a shoe rut.

I can't live without it.
So you will be dead in a bit?
That must be one nifty shoe.
I think I'll take two.

My fan. My fan.
It was made by Jackie Chan.
Okay, that may be a lie.
But it is so great that I may cry.

I can't live without it.
I'm not full of shit.
It is super cold out and not needed,
But my life has just been deeded.

My grass. My grass.
Where can I wipe my ass?
I can't go on without any.
I need blades by the many.

I can't live without it.
Times two with that bit.
Can't live or go on.
Must really love that lawn.

My clock. My clock.
It has New Kids on the Block.
It is a must own.
It was stolen at the tone.

I can't live without it.
I must throw a fit.
Maybe then I'll get hit by a car.
See? Told you I can't live far.

My pacemaker. My pacemaker.
Someone became a taker.
I can't live without it.
That deserves a fit.

The correct cry.
One out of 5 did fly.
If real life though.
In a million, probably still be 1 to show.

Are you an over dramatic nut? Do you go in an I can't live without it rut? That may be bad. You may drive yourself mad. Or drive off a bridge. Or become a pavement smidge. Would that be smudge? Bah, either way you'll look like fudge. Don't you want some fudge now? You can't live without it? Wow! The cat can live without sass, but it doesn't mean I'll stop doing it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

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  1. A little over dramatic I may be,
    That is obviously plain to see.
    But things keep happening at my shore.
    Please don't give up on me I implore.


  2. Another Can't Goes Down A Slant!
    What's done and can't be undone
    Live without it
    Go for a split
    Being over dramatic just as fun


  3. Oh I could live without my lawn all right. Another good thing about cooler weather - lawn goes dormant and I don't have to mow it.

    1. haha not mowing is a win
      But I'll take that over snow shoveling any day at my bin

  4. All the drama these days makes my head hurt!

  5. Ignore the drama and plod on in quiet determination

  6. There's nothing I can't live without. Well, food and oxygen, of course, and I suppose sex should be in there somewhere, and music is pretty important, as are books, and...

    Oh, never mind.

    1. haha the first two and water are things that are a need
      The rest not so much at one's food
      And with my current drought
      I've proven the third one can, sadly, do without

  7. I've been known to be dramatic
    especially when it comes to magic

  8. If my dishwasher breaks down, I may go “can’t live without...” mode haha.

    1. haha sure is a pain
      When that goes down the drain

  9. I can't live without my iPhone. Yup, I admit it. It is a different world out there with all of these gadgets that become necessities after a while!

    1. haha good that you can admit it
      True, gadgets are here to stay or all'd have a fit

  10. I would be happy to never have to think about my lawn again. People can definitely be too dramatic.

    1. That they can be
      Lawns can sure suck at one's sea

  11. I get dramatic when the power goes out.

    1. That sure can suck
      I get 50,000 questions on it and to each one, I don't give a fluck

  12. Reminds me of how dramatic I was when my sister stole my New Kids on the Block pin to give to the stupid popular girl at school. In retaliation, I cut out the eyes of her MC Hammer poster and unraveled all of the ribbon from her favorite cassette. Oh, the good old days....

    1. haha wow, vindictive you were indeed
      But then she brought it on at your feed

  13. This sounds like my mom
    Who saved everything and was not calm.
    “This cost $35 dollars.” She would say
    Now, it’s worth a few pennies today.
    It would drive me crazy
    Especially when I saw horrid cloth in paisley

    1. Things sure go down in worth
      Especially after new things give birth


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