Buy It Because Of That Where You're At!

Don't you want to buy? Buy what? Bah, I lie. Nothing to buy here, so move along and peer. Yeah, peer over there. That is where you spend all you have to spare. That is so much better. Hmm, Pat may get a nasty letter.

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Comparing to this.
Comparing to that.
One's always bliss,
That other always scat.

One has to win.
One has to lose.
Do the other in,
Win a free cruise.

Catch germs galore.
Puke over the edge.
Kiss the germy shore,
Unless you fall over the ledge.

So why do that?
It is just so wrong.
Forget that strat.
A resort is more strong.

Stronger than a ship.
Stronger than staying home.
But oh, its not stronger than this trip.
Go where the dinosaurs roam.

You'll love it there.
Back in time.
Stuck completely unaware.
But you'll never see a mime.

Speaking of which.
That was a glitch.
You may want to switch.
Dinosaurs are a bitch.

They just lose.
Stick to the cruise.
You get free booze.
Maybe some cool ooze.

Flipped back around?
Round and round we go?
Bah, a resort can be found.
That cruise is filled with you know.

I didn't say germs.
You just thought it.
You opened the can of worms.
We'll get back to you in a bit.

Don't you love the compare? They sell you it with comparing to spare. No matter what. Movie, book, trip, etc. at any hut. You are sold by comparing away. When really, they just want your pay. Then round and round it goes. Have you fallen for comparing highs and lows? I'm sure that one has shinier glass. On whatever that is you can surely, not really, trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. I’d like to take a cruise
      Maybe even hear some blues
      that would entertain my muse
      I might enjoy a bit of booze
      I’d even buy some dancing shoes
      Sailing ahead no time to lose

    2. Compare if you dare
      Of prices you should beware

    3. Enjoy the cruise
      And the booze
      We'll skip the germs
      And all the terms
      Beware all should
      In any hood

  2. Sounds like Christmas shopping right on the nose
    The blatant commercialism you did expose

  3. then, on the other hand...there's a sleight of hand

  4. Buy It Because Of That Where You're At!
    Not to compare highs and lows one gets
    Compare to win over
    They create wonders
    Don't get the short end to duly regret


  5. I heard you, you are talking about germs and yes there are everywhere :)

  6. Got to price compare to save some money
    and then you have some change to spend on your honey.


    1. Need a honey first
      Being single can be the worst lol

  7. Free booze on a cruise? I think that ship has sailed. Unless you've cruised so much that you're way up on the reward list. I'd love to go where the dinosaurs roam, as long as I could make an instantaneous exit! I'm not much on buying things, especially as I'm decluttering possessions. Have a good one!

    1. haha the rich may get the free booze
      Yeah, when facing real dinos you may lose
      Decluttering is the way
      Have that down at our bay

  8. A cruise would be last on my list, right after an inclusive resort vacation.

    1. Yep, be last for we
      Germs everywhere so we'd flee

  9. I don't like comparisons. If I want it, I'll get it.

  10. If someone offered free catnip I might dare to compare!

  11. They often advertise books, movies, or TV shows by comparing them to other books, movies and TV shows by some of the same personnel. Occasionally that makes sense. "The new novel by Stephen King, the author who gave you The Shining." All right, that works. "The new film by James Cameron, the director who gave you Avatar." Okay, sure. But whenever I see something touted as being by the same producers, studio, or something similar that "gave" you something popular and/or critically acclaimed, I think "Oh, yeah? Who the f*** cares?"

    1. From the studio who ponied up the money and then sat back and let all the others do the work
      Hmmm yeah, that doesn't have the same ring or perk

  12. Well the cruise wasn't free, but I did puke over the edge. Heh.

    1. haha gave the fish some food
      They make think it rude

  13. A free cruise?
    Maybe a free bruise...

  14. A cruise does not appeal to me
    I'd likely get seasick you see.
    In fact I pretty much like to stay at home.
    Even though occasionally I might decide to roam.

    1. Home beats a cruise for we
      Not a fan of a germ boat on the sea

  15. That free cruise is a fake and I won't fall for it. Got to be wary for those sales pitches you know.

  16. Nothing is free
    If you think that you’re dumb as a tree.
    No offence to the tree but I do like to compare
    No harm in pricingthe best fare

    1. haha sure the tree can take it
      At least a little bit

  17. I get a call telling me I've won a free cruise at least once a week. I compare those sales pitches to a pile of turds.

    1. haha turds at least can grow things
      The calls are just from scamming dingalings

  18. I would love to see again my "Danny Boy"
    His singing fills my heart with joy.
    For a few years him I have not seen.
    Problems have been forfront....him just a dream.



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