Can You Get Far In A Jar?

You humans have a jar fetish at your sea. Do you like having a ton of them come to be? You jar this and you jar that. They may, or may not, get knocked over by the cat.

A jar full of pickles.
A jar full of nickels.
One had worth.
Another a craving of birth?

Hey, beats me.
I'm snip snip at my sea.
That may come in a jar.
Pat didn't put it in the car.

The vet jarred it.
Isn't that some shit?
A collection of balls.
That ought to spruce up his walls.

I'll leave that for you.
Quite the view.
But I won't explore,
Instead, I'll leave ajar the door.

Did we jar the door?
Damn, what a chore.
That has to be a big jar.
Maybe as big as a car.

Or did it turn?
You know, a spell kinda reburn.
Turned the door into a jar.
I guess it is a step above tar.

Jar some tar.
Maybe a tar bar.
The newest best thing.
No longer will the kit kat people sing.

Tar will get stuck.
They'll go what the fluck.
Then that can't share.
No breaks to spare.

I just closed the door,
But it's ajar forever more.
Ajar just for you.
But it is closed in view.

A door in a jar.
An ajar door of a car.
Maybe balls in a jar isn't so bad.
That vet just better steal them from another pad.

Ever notice that? Ajar or a jar where it is at? Do closed doors still work as ajar? Did the cat think about this waaaay too far? Do you have tons of jars at your sea? The cat has knocked a few over on a running spree. They can bust rather fast. We aren't part of the jar cast. But we'll leave the jar ajar for you out on the grass. If it is closed, it could still be a jar filled with cat poop from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A good question Pat. I've always hept my door on ajar for my estranged family but that blessed jar of coffee in the cupboard keeps falling out when I open the door.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. We don't have many jars around here and the door is not left ajar since some kitties might escape. Have a good day Pat.

    1. That is good
      Can't have them escaping your hood

  3. Dang jars, dang cans, I can't open any of them!

    1. Can't get a good grip
      Have to give the manufactures lip

  4. Can You Get Far In A Jar?
    Walking with its door ajar
    Not many of that kind
    It's not easy to find
    Not when cruising in a car


  5. I’ll take a jar of stars
    Carrying light near and far
    Could the universal door be ajar
    Can it be found with cosmic radar

  6. "Ajar" is defined as ""slightly open, neither open nor shut." Oh, really? Just because a door isn't opened wide enough for, say, a person to enter or exit through it, that doesn't mean it's not open! If it's only slightly open... it's open! It's like being a little bit pregnant. You either are pregnant, or you're not. Those in charge of this ever-changing collection of f**-ups we call the English Language have been scatter-brained and inconsistent since the language was first bastardized from Latin, German, and any number of other roots.

    1. lol tell us how you really feel
      Yeah, stupid is the whole ordeal
      Can't be kinda pregnant one bit
      Either are or you aren't where you sit

  7. Now this was a jarring read! Smiles.

  8. So a door can be ajar but a jar can't be a door. That's just rude. lol

  9. How about time in a jar/bottle? The would be wonderful.

  10. All I know is the older I get
    the harder it is to open a jar
    so sometimes I just leave
    it slight ajar


  11. Oh, my goodness, a jar or ajar?
    Why don't we just wish on a star?
    And not worry where the jars are.

    1. Unless the jar has money
      Then the worry isn't funny

  12. we don’t have lots of jars here but I do have a jar with cat toys marinated with silvervine. Kitties love those toys :-)

    1. Sounds like winning toys indeed
      There at your toy jar feed

  13. Our cat knocked over our TV on a running spree. Flat screen. Broken. Thankfully we had gift cards galore and got another for free. She's going to get coal instead of kitty treats in her cute little Christmas stocking this year!

    1. haha wow, she must have been having fun
      Need to nail that new tv down before the next run

  14. Don't have many jars around here, but I may start canning next year, so I see plenty of jars in my future.

    1. There you go
      All ready for when the world goes to pot at your show

  15. I hate it when cupboard doors are left slightly ajar
    why not just close them? I find that quite bizarre.
    As for nuts in a jar? I watch Dr. Pol-The vet
    He often cuts off the balls off bulls he just met.
    The people will take these balls and bar-b-q them
    Dr. Pol says they taste great, they jar the balls..ahem
    Yup they do and all seem to like these bull balls
    they can keep 'em in the jars and behind walls

    1. Yeah, close the damn things indeed
      I knew the other at my feed
      They actually have festivals for it
      To me it would be the equivalent of eating shit


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