Does Meep Meep Go The Sheep?

The cat may be off there. But I really don't care. Do I want to get it right? Bah, not all the time at my site. For wrong can be fun. Oh no, that's such a wrong run.

Everyone plays a game.
Everyone finds it lame.
Everyone hates it.
So you pretend to call it shit.

Everyone reads a book.
Everyone loves it at their nook.
Everyone talks it up.
So you pretend it filled your cup.

Everyone goes for a walk.
Everyone takes some chalk.
Everyone says drawing lines is fine.
So you pretend for you it will align.

Everyone hops to work.
Everyone says it's a perk.
Everyone gives it a great rating.
So you pretend for who you're dating.

Everyone cooks with that.
Everyone says that's where it's at.
Everyone finds it a tasty treat.
So you pretend to like it as you eat.

Everyone helps those guys.
Everyone says it is wise.
Everyone donates away.
So you pretend to give them your pay.

Everyone stares at a clock.
Everyone watching it tick and tock.
Everyone thinks it is grand.
So you pretend across the land.

Everyone bickers with a nun.
Everyone finds it fun.
Everyone finds it a thrill.
So you pretend it fits the bill.

Everyone wants you there.
Everyone wants you to grow hair.
Everyone wants you do it now.
So you pretend it truly does wow.

Everyone reads this rhyme.
Everyone has a fun time.
Everyone comments away.
Everyone doesn't pretend at our bay.

The cat is right there. Right, so right at my lair? No pretending at my sea. Oh wait, "great post" has come to be. I guess that is wrong too. Are you a faker at your zoo? Do you pretend to be with the mass? Do you meep meep with each pass? Are you faking it while I pass gas? Yeah, that's the only sound that comes from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Just because everyone says doesn't mean it's right or the only way.
    And meep-meep is what the Roadrunner says when he has a cold.

  2. MOL at the roadrunner! I always keep it real, no faking here!

  3. everyone doing it often leaves me as a party of one in the corner. But sometimes I'm in the herd of sheep. That's just the way it goes

  4. Does Meep Meep Go The Sheep?
    Everyone doing it for keeps
    Faking it perhaps
    Not really adept
    Just let them say their fibs


  5. Don't follow the crowd here
    Don't really care about everyone
    Happy to do my own thing
    And enjoy the hot Phoenix sun.


    1. That is the best way
      Enjoy and screw the rest at your bay

  6. I don't eat sushi or watch Netflx, so you tell me.

  7. Well, I admit to clock watching. Especially when I was a student and when I worked. Heh.

  8. I don’t have a Facebook account
    So I guess I am not with everyone
    So no likes do I have to count

  9. orlin N cassie;

    once we pre tended we liked burd
    coz all de other catz said ewe'll like it...werd
    bout 30 secondz later we hurled rite ther
    waz we embarrassed, NOE .....we did knot care


    1. haha let them play in the hairball
      And then trot away while they and the burds have a ball

  10. I don't follow the masses. I have my own thoughts and opinions and have no problem letting others know that I won't do something just because they want me to.

  11. The whole "everyone says this" and "everyone says that" reminds me of Walt Disney. He had a lot of innovative ideas. He also had a few nay-sayers in the company who would tell him during creative meetings that these proposed innovations simply couldn't be done. When faced with this pessimism, Walt would ask, "Who says it can't be done?" and the reply was generally to the effect of, "Well... everyone says it can't be done." And Walt's retort to "everyone says" was, "Name two."

    1. A good way to be
      As they let the "everyone" fly free
      And then can't name a one
      As they just don't want it, or fear it, being done

  12. When I was a kid, everyone watched that TV show and everyone loved that celebrity, well except for me. No wonder I don’t have friend lol.

    1. lol stuck on the side
      With no celebrity pride

  13. It is easy to just follow and do what everyone is doing. Hey, reading who gets 1st comment here, makes everyone excited and happy!!!

  14. If something is getting a lot of buzz, I will check it out. However, I have no problem stating that I think it's crap if it is.

    1. haha good way to be
      Crap on it if it is at your sea

  15. Everyone reads the Bible
    So it must be true, not libel
    But I'm a Jew. There's that.
    I'll just follow the
    Almighty Cat.

  16. Always a pleasure to read Pat although I'm a day late.


  17. I walk to the beat of my on drum
    I don’t often follow anyone

  18. I have sheep for breakfast
    Enough said
    They can drop dead.

    1. That they can indeed
      For them we have no need

  19. Screw what others say is the best, I will chose what I like. Everyone says the pressure cooker is the best...that is at least 50 yrs old. I prefer the stove. I don’t care what I’m told is the best in whatever shape or form, I will just go with what I like and what I think makes the most sense

    1. That is the best way
      What you like and don't stray


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