Fall In The Trap Of The Map!

Dictate the way. That is how you say. Say how you want. It has to or will haunt. Map it from A to Z. Not that month yet at any sea. I'm sure it will come though. When? Don't you know?

Need a map.
Fill that gap.
Have to get there.
Need time to spare.

The best shortcut.
Don't hit that rut.
Can't let things unravel.
Today is the day you travel.

GPS shows the way.
Easy peasy at play.
There and even back.
Nothing to it at one's shack.

Why can't it do more?
I need the best encore.
I need it to show me the way.
I need it every single day.

Life needs a map.
The one run lap.
Follow the flow.
Away you shall go.

Writing a book.
Map it at my nook.
Every single word.
The end comes at the end of the herd.

See? A map works.
Has its perks.
I'll map out everything.
Map out my next fling.

End in an STD.
Maybe a pregnancy.
Even pulled a cheat rhyme.
Mapping is so not a crime.

Did we skip the middle?
Nah, that's where you diddle.
The start is where you go.
Whoops, a slap provided a blow.

Blow for blow.
Oh friggin no.
The end never came,.
The map was lame.

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Do you make life go all a mapping? From A to Z are you a yapping? Sorry, even the cat knows life doesn't work that way. Your map may as well be toilet paper at your bay. At least then it will have a use. You'll get to use it on your caboose. This post has been mapped out with its pass. For I know it shall end with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      Where are you?

    2. Good morning True
      Something happened on the way to the fair
      Wondering where is Blue
      Missing out on his flair!


    3. Hank got stuck
      Blue passed the buck
      T for the day
      Any old way


    4. Like a blue toad
      Not getting anywhere
      Making people stare

  2. At this moment in time Pat I've got lost along the way due to the pressures of life,


  3. I don’t do a lot of mapping
    as detours often happen
    or I take a left instead of right
    traveling to an unknown sight
    life can take mysterious routes
    make sure you wear comfortable boots

    1. Make sure your feet work
      Boots are an added perk lol

  4. Those GPS things can be goofy sometimes...recalculating!

    1. Haha I hear that all the time ...recalculating, recalculating and once it took me to a dead end not even my point of destination

    2. Yep, they sure can go the wrong way
      One almost sent me into an ocean to play

  5. I like looking at old fashioned paper maps so I at least have a sense of terrain. Then - wing it...always head to a coast for scenery

  6. Snowflakes I map in great detail
    And yet some crocheters still fail

    1. Newbies need to get up to snuff
      They may find it rough

  7. Fall In The Trap Of The Map!
    Being careful but always a fab
    With GPS advantage
    Less time wastage
    A respite if lost, take a nap


  8. The kids use Google.
    They say it's a snap.
    If the computer goes kerfluggle?
    My money? A map.

    NOTE: I made up the word 'kerfluggle.' I needed a rhyme.

    1. A rhyme to win
      A rhyme to take
      It's not a sin
      Unless the map's fake

  9. Even with GPS or a map
    I can get lost
    so no I don't map out much
    and take my changes at whatever the cost.


    1. The way one has to be
      Take them and see what there is to see

  10. With my illness, I always map out bathrooms on a route. Otherwise, I think winging it is the best way to go through life.

    1. With my 9-5 crap
      I know where I can take a leak without being seen on our side of the map lol

  11. Some peoples lives seem to be mapped out for them.

  12. A sense of direction? I do not have. Get lost so easily. My kids are thinking getting a pet installed in me somewhere.

  13. Many people can use an online map, but actual paper maps are becoming scarce, aren't they?

    1. Not many left around
      Even those old globes really aren't found

  14. I need a map all the time and would feel lost if I don't have one. Have a good week Pat.

  15. I do snacks
    and I do sax (players).
    I also do naps
    and chocolate attacks.
    For maps I don't care.
    GPS gets me there.

  16. Life doesn't always go as planned, but a map can sure come in handy.

    1. Sure can be of use indeed
      As life goes its own way at ones feed

  17. Too bad life doesn't have a map. And we were given Choices. Most of the time we do have choices and make the wrong ones.

  18. I’m A strange bird
    Maybe this is my inner nerd,
    But I like old fashioned maps
    I will study them, GPS people are saps.
    They can be sent the wrong way
    Heard that often, I laugh, what can I say? :)

    1. haha off a bridge
      Or over the wrong ridge
      There they go
      Heigh ho, heigh ho


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