Get It All At Our Sitely Hall!

Even bad spelling comes due. Or cheat spelling at our zoo. Sitely Google doesn't like. But, yeah, it can take a hike. For we will say what we say. Don't like what's on display? Pffft is our reply. Actually, it will rhyme, so we lie.

Look at this.
You can't miss.
An article for you.
Says the best color is blue.

Don't worry, we're mellow.
The best color is also yellow.
The best is also pink
Drive you right to drink?

We have the best liquor here.
We like it because it is clear.
We have the best liquor here.
We like it because it is foggy when you peer.

Exercise this way to work it off.
This is the best cure for a cough.
Exercise this way and keep a little on.
This is the best cure at dawn.

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A flip and flop?
Nah, we can't stop.
We just want you.
And you and you and you.

A cheat rhyme?
Not this time.
Just an easy one.
Now on with the fun.

Fun is had at this place.
It is not had at this space.
Fun is had at that space.
It is not at at this place.

This place is where you go.
This place is in the know.
That place is from where you run.
That place is really no fun.

And don't forget the third.
A fourth isn't absurd.
Five is the best number.
Six could come while you slumber.

For what do we need?
We need hits to take seed.
So for that to come due,
We pander to you and you and you...

Don't you love sites like that? They tell you one thing and then stomp it flat. Two contradicting articles, or more, at play. They want all eyes on their display. Have to pander to one and all. Do you enjoy that at your hall? After all, one of those articles will agree with everyone in mass. Pffft, still not impressive to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That's so true, a lot like politicians!

    1. About the only thing true about those nuts
      As they talk out their butts

  2. Get It All At Our Sitely Hall!
    Bad spellings may need to call
    But too many sites
    May not be right
    May lead to some kind of a fall


  3. This is true in the advertisements for politicians this year
    Lots of two sided things presented, the trust doesn't come out I fear.


    1. Trust and truth
      Lost in some other worldly booth

  4. you can massage words to mean anything these days

    1. That you can indeed
      Easy as can be at one's feed

  5. Spelling is not my strong suit. :)

  6. When I see crap sites like that on my Pinterest feed, I always just type the word SPAM under comments. 😂 Makes me feel better.

    1. haha hey, if it works, go with it
      Spam isn't a bad fit

  7. I see lots of double standards. They just wanna please the mass!

  8. I guess it depends on what color suits you
    blue or yellow both can make your mellow

  9. We are currently hearing a lot of that aren't we?:)
    So did you have to babysit this weekend?

    1. Sure everywhere, every which way
      Yep, changed butts and all that fun stuff at our bay
      From them the cats did stray
      With a hiss along the way

  10. Some people like one thing; others like another.
    It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

    1. That it is in the end
      The same with many a trend

  11. Seems like lots of false advertising is going on these days. media, politicians, websites. I'm so over it all.

  12. My spelling is awful at times I usually don't notice it until I have already posted my post.

    Good verse and subject.

  13. You say neither and I say neither
    You say either and I say either,
    Neither, neither, either, either
    Let’s call the whole thing off.
    This old Fred Astaire song came into my head


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