Just The Side Takes A Ride!

The side is here. Not even a rear. Nope, just a side. Whether small or wide. The side is here. It is near. I said that though. Just making sure you know. That fine print says to. Believe me, it's true.

Here comes the writing.
Better have good lighting.
For on it drones.
What may give you moans?

May lead to shortness of breath.
May bring about death.
May make your immune system suck.
May make you say what the fluck.

Or fluckity fluck fluck.
But we'll take your buck.
You were warned though.
And now you know.

But that you knew.
That's in view.
That we've told.
May make you feel old.

We just can't stop.
May make you hop.
Damn, we have to.
May make you moo.

Where is this going?
What's with the showing?
How can you moo?
There is no mouth in view.

You can't say fluck.
You can't spend a buck.
You can't even take a breath.
Can you even bring about death?

Nope, they lied times three.
Or maybe two came to be.
I guess blame the drug.
Let's pull out the rug.

The rest of you is fine.
Only your side shall align.
Which side? Beats me.
But it is a side of thee.

Legs, arms, head, and ass.
Those all get a pass.
For from far and wide,
The side effect is said with only side.

Did the cat think about that too much? Maybe more than a touch. But if it effects your heart, shouldn't heart effect get a start? Ass effect may sound bad. Is that why only the side is had? Maybe head effect was off that day and so side only came to play. I will blame this on my gas, it is such an ass effect to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Just my luck
      And I can say fluck :D
      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show

    2. Would that be an Angie question?
      The cat will refrain from suggestion

  2. Hey, I'll have a side of tuna please!

  3. Just The Side Takes A Ride!
    Perhaps treated to good bites
    Thinking aside
    Just not to hide
    Lay it open to follow the tide


  4. Reminds me of an old joke. Two married men meet after having not seen each other for several months. The first one asks "So, are you 'getting any' on the side?" The second replies, "I haven't 'gotten any' in so long, I didn't know they'd moved it."

  5. Can be affected by a side effect
    especially the long lists they may contain
    better sometimes not to take anything
    and deal with the pain


    1. That it is indeed
      Pain beats death at one's feed

  6. I don't give a fluck
    It gives me no luck
    Even if it's flying
    it could very well be lying
    Especially if it's on the side
    It's probably trying to hide
    something important from me
    and I don't have time for that at my sea!


    1. No time is had
      At your pad
      You may need to stick up an ad
      Time needed real bad

  7. Downside is the worst.
    Upside, the best.
    Side by side is mundane
    just like all the rest.

    1. So whelmed it would be
      Or just side note from thee

  8. Which ever side you prefer, makes the best. Have a great day Pat.

  9. So we're to believe you because it is true.
    I'm so happy to know that we can trust you.

    1. May not want to
      The cat lies through and through

  10. This is so funny to read. Don't know which side to turn to now.

  11. We don't like the sound of ass effect, that's why I try not to serve bean for dinner too often.

  12. Simple sides are so delightful
    Theresa's beans sound so frightful

    1. haha that they may be
      Unless you can't smell like me

  13. I'm so lost, I don't know what to say
    Your post confused me today!!!


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