Know The Score At Your Shore!

Time to play a game. A game that is ever so tame. Or a game that may not be. Beats the heck out of me. It could be an imaginary one, but if you hear thumping, run. Jumanji isn't fun. You could get crushed by a ton.

A game not played.
A fine fair trade.
Don't play and score.
Score forever more.

The opinion of one.
The opinion of done.
Then done to do.
All the score of you.

Performance report.
Use it to build a fort.
A small one if only one.
But you scored a ton.

Forwards and back.
Glee or flack.
Beats the heck out of me.
You scored at your sea.

Score up your date.
A very fine mate.
Magically add a number.
Think about it as you slumber.

Oh, there's a snore.
That lowers the score.
Or ups the score.
Maybe you like the snore.

A repeat rhyme.
Such a fun time.
An easy go to one.
What have I done?

I lowered my score.
Damn, what could be in store?
I used an idiom too.
Damn it, my score is few.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Like a doctor's room or some mating.
Bad mixture there.
I may have no points to spare.

My score is in.
Yours took a spin.
We have been scored.
Where's the cheering horde?

Don't you love random scoring crap? Say the right thing and you score higher with a lass or chap. Or maybe with a workplace thing. Pull points out their ass for a ding ding ding. When really you swap out the I. Dung then gets to have a try. Did I score well with this pass? I know you would score me quite the little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "you cheated"
    "Start over"
    that's a lot of scoring games

  2. I love to play most games, but the kinda "games" you're talking about? Pbbbt! If we let other people's opinions and "scoring" on the things we do bother us, we'll never accomplish anything. Just do out best, and screw the rest! (Um, not literally...)

    1. hahaha at least use protection
      And remember about early detection

  3. I always get the highest score in golf

    which is really bad.

  4. Know The Score At Your Shore!
    Play the game and enjoy it more
    Try take a good game
    Expect no complaints
    Not affected by other's 'score'


  5. Maybe that's one I like to play games
    that keep no score
    sometimes keeping track of them
    can be such a bore


  6. No date of mine
    would get a score above 9
    with a minus sign
    first. Cuz they're the
    unless they score with me
    and bring me glee
    then they're a ten
    and told to begin
    once again.

    1. But what if they haven't the gusto?
      Then does their score lose some lusto

  7. Scorecards are the new employee work evaluation forms used by many businesses.

    Your raise depends on your score and the scores are subjective. If they don’t want to give you a good raise they will find something to bring your score down,

    1. Yep, always comes back to you
      And what they want to make true

    2. True!
      How are you?
      Hello Cat
      How's that mat?

    3. Mat's still broke
      Care to change mat's with this bloke? lol

  8. I know Hank knows the score
    At your floor!

  9. I'm terrible at games and seldom play.
    But if I ever won a game, that would be the day.

  10. I don't keep score because most of the time I just don't care. Win, lose, it's all the same to me.

    1. Even if you were to win money?
      Wouldn't that be a bit more sunny?

  11. I love board games like Masterpiece and Clue
    Gosh, I need to play them...time is due.


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