Round Sixty Six Brings Back Tricks!

And here they finally come. The search engine lookers must have gotten less dumb. That or Google steers them from my sea. But hey, at least a few comes to be. That may be good or bad, but it lets another round be had.

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The Acer Predator

Is that like a team up movie? Those two alien ones were not groovy.

shining through the odds meaning

It means you have a flashlight. Have a good night.

I have two relatives with that name. One is dead, the other, kinda lame.

joint sea 2017

You want a mash up with me? Pffft get your own sea.

pumpkin thicc

Is that some kind of slang for the whole umm she-bang?

booby prize rhymes

If you watch Scooby,
You won't get a booby.
But word to the wise,
You may get a prize.


Adam must be out at play. Did he turn into a blob at his bay?

kathy noe's big titties

Wasn't the booby prize rhyme enough? This crowd is tough.

ygflip hate on

Hate on, hate off. Like wax, don't scoff.

Sorry, it's just a book. But you can buy it today at my nook.

where to buy an oompa loompa wig limerick

Why bother with buying.
Just start the hair dyeing.
Now plaster your face.
Zone out into space.
In jail you'll go for even trying.

corner feeders

Can't eat in the middle? In the corner you like to fiddle?

strong like donkey kong

And he has no ass crack. Never need to buy toilet paper again at your shack.

cats in the gutter

That we may be. It's just the mind of me.

And the winner for today, really has a strange umm foray. I guess my kids book can really be taken the wrong way. Who knew? Not us at our bay. But we'll take the sale if he wants a thrill. With There's a Dog in my Frog though he may not get his fill.

free dogi frog sex xxx

And look, he wants it for free. Can you believe that at your sea? Can you believe that was even searched out? I don't even want to know what it is about. Could be scarier pics than zombie feet. In one's brain they would stay and never delete. Got to love, not really, the search again mass. Some crazies always seem to find my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Always funny! Boatsngoats might be a thing since goat yoga took off.

    1. Yeah, that it might
      Goat yoga just gives us a fright

  2. I wonder if Smoke and Joe play donkey kong?

  3. Round Sixty Six Brings Back Tricks!
    Search lookers with loads of bricks
    Cats in the gutter
    Come in for a slumber
    Save for some playthings of critics


  4. What a way to spend the day
    Looking up crazy phrases away

  5. makes me question the English language

  6. You sure do attract some, um... "colorful" searchers. Bless their little hearts...

    1. Yes, they need the bless
      So good of them to confess

  7. That last one takes it all
    no words could ever top that
    I think that's all I will say
    and just go and pet the cat


  8. I never get craziness like that. I keep looking to see what brought people to my blog but it's not stuff like that. lol

    1. lol not even rat sex?
      Maybe your blog got a hex

  9. This was the oddest list ever, I think. Gotta wonder what most of these people were thinking.

    1. Yeah, was all over the place
      Some must be thinking very little behind that face

  10. Very odd. I guess we really don't know what goes through people's heads.

  11. Still a little nutty if you ask me. :) I get a few here and there sometimes too. I hope Brian Hatt doesn't read your post today. ;)

  12. I don’t really understand this. I guess they are too sophisticated for me :-)

  13. Glad they're visiting you and not me!
    Free dogi frog sex is not for me!
    Does "me" and "me" count as a rhyme?
    Maybe not in this spacetime.

    1. haha got you all flustered
      So a cheat rhyme you mustered

  14. Cat in the gutter. Sounds about right when it comes to your mind.

  15. Wait! If you watch Scooby,
    You won't get a booby?
    Say it ain't so!


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