The Ask Of It All Has No Ball!

The ball must have bounced away. It could have been chewed by a mutt at play. Beats the heck out of me. The cat has even chewed one or three. But enough about the ball. Time we get to it at our hall.

I want to know.
A blow for blow.
I need to know.
Ducks in a row.

But here I sit.
I give a shit.
I really do.
I'm staring at you.

Can't you tell?
Not a tough sell.
I'm here and sitting.
The notes I'm hitting.

Not saying a word.
It's not absurd.
But I want to know.
So let it flow.

Tell me, now.
It can wow.
Tell me, please.
Oops, that was a sneeze.

Look, another.
Some sister and brother.
That's times two.
I'm looking at you.

I know you know.
Tell me it is so.
Then tell me it all.
I need to know at my hall.

I want to know this.
I want such bliss.
I want to know that.
I gave my cat a pat.

You are so far away.
Come here and stay.
Come and tell me.
What? I didn't ask thee?

Bah, why should I?
I need to know on the fly.
You should just automatically tell.
Being lazy is so swell.

Are you one one of those? Do you only strike a pose? Are you too lazy to ask? Know a few that fall under that task. The cat won't tell you what it is, especially if he doesn't know your question biz. So you'll have to ask away. Or wait until it shows at our bay. Everything at some point or another seems to come to pass at the lair of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. WOW, maybe I'm #1? I can strike a pose even though my balls bounced away years ago!

  2. and I'm number 2? Where's Blue?
    I'm a poseur

  3. Where is everyone this morning?
    Out to late to challenge fate?


  4. I've been known to ask a lot in my day
    that is how I find out the information if I may!


    1. Getting the info is a win
      Have to ask to take that spin

  5. The Ask Of It All Has No Ball!
    And what to know of it at all
    Just pretending
    Work on a sting
    To outbid those ready to call


  6. I might be lazy,
    But I'm not crazy--
    If I don't get something
    Then I won't do nothing.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. Everything does indeed comes to pass at your lair:)

  8. I'm posing as a Ninja.
    And I slept in this morning. Was out late for a concert.

    1. Pose away as a ninja wannabe
      Sleeping in is fine by we

  9. My balls like my ducks are never in a row!

  10. Ask and you shall receive. I try to avoid people as much as I can though, so I'm not much of a question asker.

    1. Avoiding them is best
      Most don't pass any decency test

  11. Looking in my crystal ball
    thee are many things I want to know
    but, then again maybe no
    especially if it predicts snow

    Haha- hey you never know

  12. Sometimes the best things to do are to Binge watch reruns of "Bones". Just leave the balls and such out of my view.

  13. People start talking about nothing
    and I walk out
    I'm sure they think I'm a big lout

  14. When these morons talk talk talk
    All I want to do is walk walk walk.
    They need to want to know
    To feed their gossiping mind....they are just low.

  15. I know people like that, just asking and asking, too lazy to find out about it. Reading the first comment made me laugh.

  16. There's a big difference between asking a question because of genuine concern and asking to get the "dirt" on someone.

    1. Big one indeed
      Can tell usually at one's feed

  17. Perhaps I ask too much from life.
    But all I want is peace.
    Just so all the problems of late,
    Will eventually cease.


    1. Peace is grand
      Hardly ever get it though in any land

  18. My mind in a million directions goes
    When tongues wag nonstop about endless woes


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