The Doing It Win Takes A Spin!

The cat has done this and that. I am a stretching out cat. Did we always do it right? Pffft maybe one night. But were we doing? You bet, as the wrong we kept shooing. So away we go with a wrong to right show.

The cat will rhyme.
The cat will slime.
The latter a hairball,
Right down the hall.

It beats the bed.
Or on Pat's head.
One of two came due.
The former at our zoo.

No right, no wrong.
Just played along.
A playing theme.
My little thought stream.

Just what pops in.
It gets a spin.
Like flying geese.
They mock meese.

Whoops, meant goose.
Or was that moose?
One is wrong.
But I go along.

Another is right.
One still takes flight.
But I did to learn.
Knowledge the return.

Do and doing.
Not with canoeing.
Water and wet.
Not for this pet.

Too much like work.
Some find it a perk.
Tipped and fell in.
Returned for a spin.

Made it and landed.
Doing got handed.
Skills improved.
Up they moved.

Wrong returned.
They got burned.
But they learned.
Right now turned.

Like lefty loosey.
Maybe some kind of goosey.
Back to the geese.
Do they ever cease?

That we'd know.
A return go.
For even if doing it wrong,
We actually played along.

Don't you love those who say you are doing it wrong yet they never get off their fat arse and do? We can just flush those down the loo. Need to be a mighty big one though. Wrong is fine to go. Unless you are in control of nuclear stuff. Then getting it wrong may end up tough. But wrong leads to learning and learning leads to right returning. So let doing it wrong come to pass and just keep on learning like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I've come across that situation many times in my life. If I am doing things wrong why don't these individuals put me on the right track?
    Wonderfully written Pat.

  2. Yep, everyone is a critic and arse sitting is their hobby!

  3. Great post. Everyone has to be a critic of some sort. Pat, you have a great day.

  4. The Doing It Win Takes A Spin!
    To stake a claim in the morning
    And if it is wrong
    Look for the song
    Tell them do a spot of learning


  5. So....this has nothing to do with your post today. I was reading but then your cover for your latest book caught my eye. Very well done, Pat. It looks great! Best of luck with it!!


    1. Good that it captures the eye
      As it is a sequel to Delivered and told from girl, not guy

  6. yep - so many like to say "I told you so" or play "clean-up" person. Not constructive at all.

    1. Nope, not one bit
      And sometimes they are full of it

  7. Great post Pat/cat you write always amazing!Hugs!

  8. That's when you hand over the reins
    And just say, 'By all means . . . '

    1. haha and then they give a look
      Walking away like some crook

  9. That's my husband who bitches about my driving. Well, if I'm so bad at it, YOU drive!

    1. haha sounds like he better keep quiet
      Or you may start a riot

  10. You attempt anything in life, there will be armchair experts who'll give you advice.

  11. I like to try a lot of different things. I go to try something new like cake decorating or painting wooden shelves and hubby loves to tell me how he would do it. lol

    1. lol adds in the how to
      At least from his view

  12. orlin N cassie...speekin oh hair ballz....eye hurled an epic one thiz week...noe FSG wooda taked a fotoz oh it; herz grozz like that; but it had sum kibble in de mix N it kinda roo end de effect...ya noe ~~ :) ♥♥♥

    1. haha didn't come out like your litter art?
      We've had four today and Pat can still tell them apart

  13. It beats the bed
    It beats wetting one, too...
    Those experts should go find my shoe
    Then sniff it and sniff it twice
    Wouldn't that be nice?
    See, now I'm telling them what to do
    It's true.

    1. True enough
      Filled with stuff
      So as they sniff
      They get scared stiff

    2. They make me sick
      They can go sit on a stick
      Would be a nice trick
      Where did the stick go
      At they stick trick show

    3. A sticky trick
      Could be a flick

  14. Yep I know a person or two
    who thinks they know it all
    but they just say that they do
    and never get up to do it, probably because they would fall.


  15. Doing it wrong does lead to learning. Well said.

    1. AS long as one is open to it
      Learning comes, at least a bit

  16. Don’t listen to anyone who knows it all
    Too many of those at my hall

  17. I really don't like people telling me what to do or how to do it- especially when they have no clue.

    1. Yep, those people suck
      They can go sit on a duck

  18. We’ve all met someone like that
    They have a screw loose and usually dumb as a bat.
    The one I know is a lazy fat ass
    But will tell you all with much crass.
    He’s an idiot, Through and Through
    I wish I could close his mouth with gorilla glue


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