The Little Fly With Each Cry!

People say it far and near. You humans sure like to whisper it in many an ear. Except you don't really whisper much. That is good, then your germs won't reach out and touch. So stay far away as it you say and say and say.

Said it a bunch,
From breakfast to lunch.
Said it some more,
Like it's something of lore.

Always the good.
That's just understood.
Never the bad.
Not even a tad.

What would it be?
What kind of spree?
It's not very big,
But you better dance a jig.

I'm saying it now.
I may even meow.
You'll be in the know.
Away it shall flow.

It's the little things that matter.
Not that you just got fatter.
Not that you have nowhere to stay.
Nope, just the little things at play.

Okay, let's pretend.
We won't even amend.
We'll just go with the flow.
Gotta love the little things in tow.

You step on a little tack.
You fall and give your head a whack.
You are good and dead.
The blood comes from your head,.

But wait...that's bad.
No fun and no glad.
That just can't be.
The little things are good for thee.

You eat a french fry.
You choke and you...die!
From a little piece of fast food.
But...but...but...the little things can't be rude.

It's the little things that matter.
Not your allergic reaction to a seafood platter.
Not your house burning to the ground.
Not the little bad things that are always found.

Do you see the little things in the same light now? Don't the little things truly wow? I'm glad the little things are so fuzzy and warm. I hope your coffin keeps out the snow storm. Damn, went all morbid there. It's the little things that send me that way at my lair. Bah, I just ruined it with another pass. It's just the little things I do for you with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. My cats would say the little things matter. Specifically, them!

    1. Are they so little though
      Could grow and grow

    2. My Mongo used to be small
      Now he's bigger than a hall

    3. A little chubby is fine
      AS he likes to dine

  2. The little things do matter from a face rub from a pussy cat to a beautiful flower. This helps when one has gone through some big catastrophe like a fire. I’ve been bad for sure in looking at my blog and others...apologies and playing catch up.

    1. Helps when through a fire indeed
      Oh well, is what it is at one's feed

  3. little things add up as the saying goes.

  4. Good things come in small packages!

    1. Not a bag of money
      That needs to be big to make it sunny

  5. Im agree the little things are the important !! xo

  6. Little things do indeed matter
    or they could turn into something much bigger
    and then one might have
    to turn to drinking liquor


  7. To some people little things are a big deal.
    To others they're not important.
    It all depends on how a person feels.
    And perhaps what those little things are.

    1. What the little things are in the end
      Sure make up the trend

  8. We've got to take our warm fuzzies where we find them, big or small:)

  9. Just a drop of water leads to more.

  10. Little things are important, as well as the big things too, of course!

  11. Little things make a big difference. :)

  12. There are many little things that can be huge for some :-)

    1. Turn into huge they may
      Could be an interesting foray

  13. Little things mean a loooooooot. That's a song. :)

  14. Yikes....a bit of a downer today. I like some little things, but sometimes I think we say it's the little thing that matter cause we're trying to convince ourselves of that, lol.
    Sandy's Space

    1. lol yep, trying to trick ourselves into believing it
      When really we are full of umm spit

  15. The little things can be the spice of life
    Hardly noticed, and not much strife

  16. If someone ever says the little things don't matter, shove a splinter in their skin. How the hell does something so small hurt so big!?

  17. The Little Fly With Each Cry!
    Nothing on offer set to buy
    Little things
    Are interesting
    May not have to offer on the sly!



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