The Only At Of The Cat!

You can only get a rhyme here. No other rhymes are near. Nope, none at all. They can't be at another hall. The cat would never lie. We just let the rhymes fly.

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Come one, come all.
Come on down to the mall.
Or to the whatever.
Any place with a selling endeavor.

Take your pick.
The Walmart hick.
The car sales place.
The sleazy smiley face.

Any and all.
Right, back to the mall.
Or back to the store.
Could go on forevermore.

But we need to thrill.
Sure not run of the mill.
Thrilling and filling.
Our pockets fill with billing.

For we have it.
We have the shit.
Whatever that is.
Pop, pop, fizz, fizz.

Yep, that's it.
It's such a hit.
And guess what?
It's only sold at our hut.

Only sold here.
You heard it clear.
The one place to buy.
You can trust this guy.

No deal will be better.
You'll want to write a letter.
Our deal is the best.
We beat all the rest.

Whoops, I mean err umm
Forget that, chum.
We have the only deal.
It sure is a steal.

No other out there.
We really care.
You saw it in the window at the mall?
Pffft that's a rip off from last fall.

Don't you love the one and only spot? You can only get it there...not. You can get most things in many a spot, but oh no, they try and pull such a plot. The sale is only hear. Heard that loud and clear. Then looked and the sale was all over. Are they more brainless than rover? Maybe they have been eating too much grass. At least this is the only spot where you can find my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Did that make you crack...
    a smile?
    Hey that took a while.
    What's up with that?
    Still a-snoring on that mat?
    Did I win?
    One for the money at your bin?
    That guitar ninja is so gonna kick my butt
    Stealling his thunder at your hairy rut
    (Delete that.... delete delete)
    And where's True Blue?
    Does she even have a blue shoe?
    And Hank...
    That Poetry Tank?
    Did he beat me this time?
    Is that a crime?
    Adam's gonna say something smart
    And his name ain't Bart.

    So many questions from the Goo...
    Not Scooby Doo.
    Great post from coast to coast!
    No copy paste...
    But typing with haste.
    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show.

    1. A copy and paste
      No time to waste
      In for the win
      A Blue guy spin
      Without True or Hank
      They walked the plank
      Or were on the road
      Watching out for a toad
      Maybe dropping a load
      ...of wood for a toad
      Could be it
      Where we sit

    2. No copy and paste
      Blue Flash typing with haste
      You know it's true
      At your kitty cat shoe

    3. Blue has been MIA for some while
      But when he's back he comes back in style!


    4. Back he came
      With a flashy claim

    5. One for the money,
      Two for the show...
      Wherw's that blue suede shoe?
      Heck, I don't know.

    6. Lost in the woods
      Or some scary hoods

    7. And where is True?
      Is she lost too?

    8. Maybe eating turkey
      Or some kind of jerky

    9. She may be having that kind
      But watch out, the guy got butt umm flucked on national tv up the behind

  2. "Only here!
    O dear...
    Must be as true
    As Scooby Doo.

    1. Or Scooby Stat
      Like a mixed cat

    2. Or like a dog on a log
      Or a chick on a stick
      Or a shark in a park
      Or a deer in a Spere
      Or a skunk on a punk!

    3. On a wino on a rhino
      Maybe with a dino

  3. When they're the only ones selling it, you're kind of screwed.

  4. It might be the one and only ripoff!

  5. the only get lonely
    it's tough at the top
    someone will copy
    and that's tough to stop

  6. Yup, until your favorite product disappears from every place.

    1. Yep, they can go under
      And away things can plunder

  7. The Only At Of The Cat
    You get the spot, you bet
    You are happy
    Running free
    Black Friday you've got it made


  8. Yep. There is no other place to find the one and only cat!

  9. Only able to be number one here.

  10. I always enjoy a good rhyme. :)

  11. Now that was a good rhyme. Sounds like a not so good deal. Have a good day Pat.

    1. A good rhyme is grand
      Hope a great one was had in your land

  12. Love when they try roping you in with the "you can only get it here" line. But go to any store and you'll see the same thing or different versions that work just the same. Stinkin' fast talkers always trying to make the sale.


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