The World May End With This Timely Trend!

Nah, the cat isn't a world ending nut. Those guys are stuck in a rut. For the world will, most likely, still be here. Humans just may be wiped clear. But others are in a rut. A rut that needs to make the cut.

I have to shit.
So just do it.
Nope, I can't.
Comes the rant.

Has to be then.
Like written in pen.
That is the time.
Not to is a crime.

I have to shop.
Groceries can't flop.
We were out a while ago.
Today is the day though.

Rather starve than switch.
Don't call me a witch.
It has to be today.
It always is that way.

I have to eat.
What a treat.
Food is there.
I'm hungry at my lair.

Damn, still not time.
Hours can suck a lime.
But wait I must.
In 5 we trust.

I have to write.
It will ignite.
I'll be in heaven.
Come on, seven.

I have to post.
Here at my coast.
I really have to.
And yeah, I'm a dog too.

A cheat rhyme to end.
My, what trend.
Scheduled to go.
Have to went out the window.

Pfffft we say. Some things may have to at their bay, but most of it is crap. Are you a non-changer at your side of the map? Even when you have to take a crap? I hope not, chap. The cat will ruin your perfect world though. Are you ready for the lethal blow? You don't do it at the exact same time every day. Why? Because seconds are also at play. 30 or 35 or 21 or 54 or whatever may come to pass. Whoops, sorry, not really, to be a time ending little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The crap will never end,..never, ever!

  2. Nothing is timely at my den - my time is chaos.

  3. I want to put off work, but Sunday means Monday is lurking

    1. Yep, and back to the crap
      Going all over the map

  4. What Brian said
    And then we're dead...

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    (Better than all of that crap)

  5. The World May End With This Timely Trend!
    Definitely not something to cause offence
    They're lots of crap
    Something to accept
    Delivery of lethal blows waiting to happen


  6. Pretty much like routine here
    not one to change around
    makes like go a bit easier
    and keeps things sound


  7. I change things up and try new things all the time.

  8. Brian is soooooooooo correct. Crap just doesn't end. But we have to be thankful for what we have. Pat, you have a great day without the crap.

    1. haha yep, the crap keeps on a coming indeed
      Today we didn't have much at our feed

  9. Yup, the earth will probably survive long after human inhabitants are gone.
    Hope your weekend was grand in your land:)

  10. We've been hearing about the end of times forever. I don't think it's coming anytime soon. I try to stick to a routine, but like to shake things up a bit here and there and try something new. Not often, but sometimes.

    1. Yeah, not coming any time soon
      Good to shake things up once in a while at each sand dune


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