Time To Detect With The Connect!

Could go more than connect four. That is a board game tour. Not sure it has a board game though. But hey, just wanted to let you know. Now on with the show. A connecting we shall go.

He is there.
He can swear.
Did you hear shit?
That has to be it.

My dog took one.
It crapped a ton.
And my dog came from Spain.
It came aboard a train.

On that train was a lady.
She was rather shady.
She had a funny hat.
Her face looked like a rat.

That means she knows him.
That guy with one limb.
A rat ate it off.
He sounds like a bird with a cough.

That means he knows her.
That woman that can purr.
She watches birds each day.
Her eyes never seem to stray.

Her eyes are blue.
And she has two.
Just like that lad.
He smiles more than a tad.

He must know that clown.
The one walking through town.
That one had big shoes.
Boy, this is really news.

For those shoes are great.
Another can relate.
A shoe collector.
She's a fire inspector.

And my neighbor has a dalmatian.
That deserves an exclamation!
For it means it is meant to be.
A true love for the neighbor and me.

I connected all the dots.
He will love me lots.
Did I see him go in with another?
That has to be his mother.

Did you follow that? Nonsense that fell rather flat? Yep, that is the way with nuts night and day. Humans make up stupid, very stupid, connections that aren't even there. By them they still swear. If you look you shall find you are connected to Bigfoot, Elvis, and Timbuktu. Not really that hard to do. Are you a connecting nut with some fetish for a fake connection pass? No need to tell it all to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. T for True
      that makes two

      Good morning Hank

    2. I do believe some connections are real
      at least that is how I sometimes feel

    3. In for the win
      Connected with that at our bin

  2. Replies
    1. Congrats True!
      Good morning to you


    2. It’s just you an I
      There’s a surprise

      Have a great day Hank

    3. Hank tried
      T sent him for a ride

  3. It's true what you say about we humans, wonderfully put.


  4. and everything is connected to Kevin Bacon...or bacon, I'm not sure which. ;)

  5. Lol, it is hilarious when people are just dying to join in and their segue makes no sense!

    1. Yep, rather funny indeed
      As their two cents takes seed

  6. I’m probably guilty of that
    Always looking for connections to bat

  7. Hey, Elvis mows our yard, seriously, that's his name MOL!

  8. how many of us are connected to you?
    is there room enough in that zoo?

    1. If maybe you stand
      Otherwise we'll push you out with a helping hand

  9. The gyrations people go through in an attempt to unearth connections that don't exist and to reach conclusions that defy logic and bear no resemblance to reality boggle my mind. Not my thing at all. (I'm too old to go through gyrations of any kind!)

    1. Yeah, some really really go to great lengths indeed
      Pfffffffffffft is all we give at our feed

  10. Small world it does seem to be
    that all try to be connected to you or to me


  11. Damn! Sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock film.

  12. Time To Detect With The Connect!
    And getting access to them direct
    To connect
    Be perfect
    Get informed on all readily made


  13. This reminds me of when I decided to search my family tree.
    My cousins were afraid of what I'd find.
    I was happy to tell them no bad guys in our family that I could see.

    1. haha good thing not to have there
      No bad guys to spare

  14. I'm connected to that person who won the lottery last week. Maybe they'll send me some dough, with our connection and all.

    1. haha then you are connected to the cat
      So you can send some to where we're at

  15. Nonsense indeed, but that seems to be the way of the world these days!!!

  16. Our connections to each other always amaze me.

  17. Personally I think Elvis and Bigfoot met, fell in love and now live in Timbuktu.
    Their children are an odd sort with a quivering upper lip and a hairy face.
    Yeah, both are guys but this is my weird mind at work

    1. haha maybe Bigfoot has a way to procreate
      And the pair enjoy the umm mate

    2. Gives new meaning to, “hunka hunka burning love.”

    3. haha sure does indeed
      Hopefully no std though at their feed


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