Watch Your Back With A Time Attack!

The times are coming. the clocks are drumming. Marching one, two, three. The times are after thee. Are they watches or clocks? Beats me, but they may throw rocks.

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That you knew.
That you did not.
Both are true.
Or maybe they're not.

But one is bad.
One may be good.
At least a tad.
Pull back the hood.

The not knowing.
That gets the case.
It gets a showing.
So words you embrace.

You're behind the times.
You better run.
Watches on mimes.
Clocks on a nun.

Same or not.
Could be nifty.
A nun time plot.
At you swifty.

Grammar for me.
Grammer for you.
What did you see?
Whut did you view?

Catch the wrong?
Catch the right.
Sing that song,
You're behind the times, all right.

You're and behind and the is behind.
I may have offended the clock.
My, the workings of my mind.
It could give me a shock.

Static is all.
I take up too much space.
No plug in the wall.
It may crush my face.

Then it would be under the times.
Under and behind double the chime.
Watches on killer mimes.
On a clock, don't drop a dime.

Are you confused? I'm rather amused. It popped in and out. So it came about. Are you behind the times? Do you live in NY behind the building and report crimes? Do you hide behind a clock? Do you rock around it with a sock? I may be behind the times today with my sass. Of course I could be ahead of the times with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. It's 4 mins late
      It's behind in time
      But still made it
      Feeling all fine!


    2. You were behind the times


    3. It takes efforts
      At places expected
      It becomes a challenge
      There comes the fun


  2. It's always time to be behind here!

  3. I pick any old time zone - back to the future

  4. Watch Your Back With A Time Attack!
    The intruders all waiting to strike
    Keep tight
    Stay right
    Be in control the goings appear right


  5. Worries me to be late
    so I'm always on time
    even before sometimes
    the bell that will chime


  6. Grammar refers to language. Grammer is that guy on Frasier. Nothing confusing here. Or is that "Nothing confusing, hear?"

  7. Clock back or forward?
    We now have a clock that plays music chimes on the hour. We love it, so much that we pause the show just to listen to it.

  8. I'm always ahead of time because I hate being late.

  9. I try to always be on time and maybe a little ahead of time. No reason to be late. Pat, hope you have a good evening.

  10. I hate being late. It doesn't just waste one person's time but everyone who's stuck waiting for me.

  11. I am usually running behind the time. I tell my husband 5 minutes, he's learned that means 45 minutes minimum.

    1. Gets to relax and wait
      As 45 mins is his fate

  12. Behind a computer all day do I hide
    Then at night my eyes are open wide
    Refusing to sleep, causing me to be late
    For my next computer date
    Vicious cycle, this 8 to five,
    But I guess it keeps me alive

    1. Yeah, round and round it goes
      Some days can go to new lows

  13. Time escapes me
    Just look at how behind I am and you will see
    That I always play catch up
    Nothing new, I am an old pup.

  14. I'm confused
    And I feel used
    Or am I behind the times?


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