We Board The Ferry Of The Scary!

The scary will be here today. You may want to cover your eyes from the display. Hmm does that work with words? I guess you'll have to ask scary moose herds.

The world is scary.
Board that ferry.
Been said and done.
It's just no fun.

Scary here and there.
Scary oh so everywhere.
But is it really?
Forget touchy feely.

Hey, it rhymed.
So it was primed.
Primed to go.
Like say, a tornado.

An earthquake too.
Throw in a hurricane to view.
Making a backed up loo?
Yeah, smelly and nasty to view.

But whoops, not the world.
A hurricane is hurled.
But nope, not that.
Sorry, it's your scat.

A volcano explodes.
An invasion of alien toads.
One is a worldly count,
The other not in the amount.

The ground shifts apart.
You see an ass crack at Walmart.
Sure not either or.
Only one comes ashore.

Nut with a gun.
Nut trying to blow up everyone.
Nut with a disease.
Nut with killer fleas.

All rather scary.
Especially if the nut's back is hairy.
But did the world do it?
Nope, back to your backed up shit.

Mankind is scary.
Now you've got the right ferry.
The world is not.
Well except for its movie disaster plot.

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Still think the world is scary? It could get you with a poison berry. But then who picked and ate it? You did, so stops the scary bit. Maybe brain dead comes due. That can be scary too. Mankind scares up its own woes. Scary as they go to new lows. But we will give volcanoes a wide berth and not trespass. The world makes those scary to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. "We have to save the planet." No, you don't. The planet will do just fine without you. Yes, mankind is scary.

    2. Exactly! George Carlin was right: "The planet is fine. The people are fucked."

    3. On top
      Of the crop
      For yeeee

      Yep, right he is indeed
      Mankind is the fucked up ones at any feed

  2. Yep, what Blue said. People can be scary. We saw a terrible intentional thing happen at a light last weekend. Someone else stopped to help, but it was too late. There are just some people I don't like. I'm still in total disbelief that someone could be so 'scarily' heartless (to an animal in that case, but people to people too, if we're looking at a bigger picture). Some natural disasters are scary too...that puts me on the ferry to scary every now and then.

    1. People need to understand that the planet can get rid of us like flees on a frigging cat. We're not all that and it isn't US AND NATURE. We are a PART of nature. We're not superior in any way.

    2. I'm sure the average T. Rex thought he was a bad-ass, too. Seen any of them around lately?

    3. Some people deserve to be thrown in a hole
      Seen quite a few of such assholes out where I have to stroll
      Child and animal abusing nuts
      Burn down their friggin huts

      Yep, we are fleas
      The T-Rex was gone with a sneeze

    4. Blue, Silver Fox, and Pat: Agreed, agreed, agreed

    5. This sure beats Scooby Dooweeeee!

    6. Or scrappy toooooo
      Times twooooo

  3. I wonder if space toads would be friendly? Or would they give us space warts? That's scary.

  4. Replies
    1. That they do
      Toss em in the loo

    2. A short story at her feed
      Pretty short indeed
      And yet as true
      As the color blue
      Or a toad
      On the road
      Or a dog
      On a hog

    3. Or a chick on a stick
      With a dog going for a lick

  5. It's pretty scary thinking about all the scary things that scare us!

  6. the scariest and most dangerous place is actually in your own home - i.e. the bathroom. Slick tile and water - good combo for disaster.

    1. Slip and whack your head
      Whoopsy, you're dead

  7. Scary to be #7 an hour later.

  8. Yep the world can be scary
    and can be filled with fear
    but it is always a good world
    for those we hold near


  9. We Board The Ferry Of The Scary!
    Probing around for a likely story
    The grounds shook
    When they looked
    Hoped to get them but in no hurry


  10. Ass cracks at Walmart are very scary. I've never understood men or women sporting what some call "butt cleavage." Any section of exposed skin should feel the air, right?

    1. Yeah, butt cleavage is a nasty one
      Just want to make one run
      Or maybe release air
      Double dose between the pair

  11. Mankind can be scary for sure.
    Have a great day with no scares at your bay.

    1. No scares were had
      Tomorrow we'll see at our pad

  12. Different people are scared of different things. Scary is relevant as it pertains to each individual.

    1. That it can be
      I'm sure aliens would put on a scare spree

  13. Mother Nature can be one scary bitch at times, though humans scare me more than what she can throw our way.

    1. Yeah, humans are the ones that are the worst
      Always trying to quench some thirst

  14. Yes, indeed, scary this world can be
    We just have to keep moving forward carefully

  15. climb a tall tree
    my limbs shake like bumblebee
    I am still giddy with glee
    at what I can see.

  16. best not to listen to all the scary bits
    otherwise we may become homebound nitwits


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