Who Will Win With This Spin!

A lot of w's in that title there. I guess a lot of t's just came to spare. Which one won out? I'll let you figure out what that's about. For the cat has to win another fight. That interloper is back at our site.

He stole my spot.
Thanks a lot.
I'm talking to Cassie.
She's such a lazy lassy.

Can you see?
She just stares at me.
Stares and stares.
Life is hard when no one cares.

Now I'm stuck here.
My disgust is clear.
I can't be seen with that fluffy thing.
I need to go chase a string.

Hmm what's that?
What's up with that cat?
He sees something there.
Should I care?

Bah, he's got my string.
He can't have that thing.
He can't have it one bit.
I need to get in on this shit.

Closer to me.
That gets a yippeee.
Stay over there or get a whack.
I will go on the attack.

Don't inch closer like me.
That isn't the way to be.
Back off, shifty eyes,
Or you'll be feeding the flies.

All mine now.
That gets a meow.
The string will stay with me.
Shifty eyes can fly free.

And now I have to wait.
Wait for Cassie to help guard the gate.
Does she really need to scratch that itch?
Can't she just let it twitch?

And there we go.
Double the show.
Now we can ward off any foe.
We have double the laser eyes in tow.

Ever get an interloper trying to steal your string? That sure doesn't leave the cat whelmed at his wing. Hmm, maybe they stole something more from you. Put the run to them at your zoo? Laser eyes can do the trick. Or hit them with a brick. The cat heard the latter from the singing bass. So you can blame him and not my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank invoked privilege of being late
      That is the chance accorded to fate
      Congrats to True
      Glad it is you!
      Fairness dictates to await another date


    2. A privilege of late
      Is a fine fate

  2. Loved the verse plus those adorable photo's Pat.


  3. Spot stealing is going on here too!

    1. Seems to be the way
      Need to put an end to that foray

  4. It's pens at our work. Someone is always stealing my pen. This is a funny post

  5. Blast that intruder with those laser eyes.

  6. Ha ha ha! What s great way to bring
    Humor to this week of Thanksgiving!
    Don’t let that intruder make off with your string!

  7. Too bad they can't get all along
    and learn how to share the string
    but then what would you have to post about
    and the fun that it brings


    1. Yeah, that may bore
      Plus, the cat and get along really don't go well at our shore

  8. Oh one cat loves the string
    Kaspar is a real ding-a-ling.
    Another cat will snatch it
    He just looks up at me.
    "get rid of that brat" he doth decree.
    Nothing I could do but giggle
    as I watch him meow and his backend do a wiggle.
    He then pounced on the other cat.
    Lucy hissed and ran away and that was that.

    1. haha pounce when all else fails
      And they hit the trails

  9. Oh no, don't let the intruder get your string.

  10. Have I ever had someone go after my string?
    Nah, that hasn't become a thing.
    But I've tried grabbing a guy's string.
    The results fell flat, and that was that.
    Sadly, he'd say the same thing.

  11. Lucky Orson. One cat gets all the spots. He usually picks one spot he sleeps on for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and then he finds a new one for no apparent reason.

    1. Yeah, weird how they do that
      Must get bored where they were at

  12. Who Will Win With This Spin!
    Interlopers do come for a fling
    Watch your step
    But not to grab
    Just retain one's domain with a grin


  13. I hate it when interlopers swoop in and steal my stuff. Jason just gave all of my candy away to the kids that came over for Friendsgiving. Little interlopers are lucky they were kids or I might have actbeen mad to find it all gone lol

  14. Good to see all the kitties enjoying life. Pat you have a great day.

  15. Replies
    1. He enjoys coming in
      When we visit the other bin

  16. The look on Cassie's face is perfect for "Life is hard when no one cares" and is going to have me laughing all evening ~ sums up a cat's philosophy perfectly. The interloper seems to show up a lot. Who's cat is that anyway? Or are you a secret cat hoarder?

    1. The interloper comes in when we visit the other sea
      I just snap a lot of pics and use them when a post comes to be
      No hoarder here
      Too much scooping we fear

  17. I love that word: interloper...
    Beats being a toper.

    1. Yeah, a fun word to use
      That and whelmed amuse


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