A Depiction For All On The Wall!

The depiction of the cat. It is as easy as that. I say and rhyme. I show time to time. That is the one, the one you take and run. Or at least your mind takes. Then it bakes and bakes.

Time to depict.
Forget the conflict.
Depiction is key.
Then it flies free.

I want your vote.
So stand and take note.
I have a family of three.
We are as happy as can be.

I shake hands with babies.
I give lots of maybes.
I keep your hopes high.
Raise your fist to the sky.

I want that job.
Forget about poor Bob.
I am the one for the task.
I have an answer for everything you ask.

I can't do it, really.
But shhh, ignore that dealy.
See? I can't even spell.
But hire me, what the hell.

I drew this art.
Can't get it at Walmart.
It's the true Easter Bunny.
It will be worth lots of money.

See all the clones?
It was copied by drones.
It truly is the best.
My depiction passes the test.

I want that thingy.
For you it will be stingy.
It should be mine.
For you it won't align.

For you it will break.
For you it will...oh for Heaven's sake.
I just want it.
Hand me that shit.

Depict it for me.
Depict it for we.
I say it with conviction,
So just fall for the depiction.

Do you fall for the depiction? Do you treat it like a prediction? So many depict this and that and usually they are full of strat. Or scat. Or shit at that. See? Now I created a depiction of the depicting nuts. Did we just fall into depicting ruts? I better depict the songs of the singing bass. Those will stop you from thinking about the depiction of my depicting the depictors with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Enjoyed reading this Pat most thought provoking.


  2. Can one depict the future
    What would be seen
    or is it just a prediction
    Of all that is hidden unseen

  3. funny. A true depiction of a blog

  4. Sometimes de pic ain't pretty!

  5. Wonder what readers think
    When viewing wildlife at my rink
    Do they think it’s not real?
    Has my photography lost all appeal???

  6. Sometimes I do think my mind is pretty baked. Spending too much time in the kitchen, I suppose.

  7. Don't fall much for depiction
    even if it was a prediction
    form my own opinions here and there
    that seems to keep life fair


    1. Forming your own is the way
      Leads to a better day

  8. My mind is baked and I spend almost no time in the kitchen. Heh.

  9. Depiction works only in the comics, at least for. me.

  10. You're too deep for me today, Pat.

  11. I have no answer for your depiction.
    All I can think of is it fact or fiction? :(

  12. A Depiction For All On The Wall!
    Perhaps may not cause one to stall
    Get it right
    Not so tight
    Offer good beginnings to one and all



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