A Dictate That With The Cat!

This is what you have to do. This is what has to be done at my zoo. I don't care who you are. I don't care if you have a car. This is what you MUST do. I will dictate it to you.

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You must read each word.
You must flip off a bird.
You must eat with a finger.
You must let your eyes linger.

You must comment with 1000 words.
You must flip off more birds.
You must make sure they are geese.
You must never use meese.

You must kiss a toad.
You must carry a heavy load.
You must go to that spot.
You must find that spot or rot.

You must find they.
You must roll in hay.
You must jump in a hoop.
You must never tramp in goop.

You must set a fire.
You must never aspire.
You must let your eyes go cross-eyed.
You must never run and hide.

You must seek things.
You must strap on wings.
You must go back to the geese.
You must now use meese.

You must never cancel out.
You must never eat a trout.
You must eat fleas.
You must avoid the breeze.

You must follow my logic.
You must never do anything neurologic.
You must ignore when I cheat rhyme.
You must ignore it every time.

You must never go wacky.
You must wear things that are tacky.
You must lick a yellow door.
You must never do a chore.

You must ignore this.
You must have bliss.
You must think I'm insane.
You must never whack people with a cane.

Don't you love my dictation? Doesn't it cause you elation? Are you a dictator at your sea? No wiggle room for anyone near thee? That would drive the cat bonkers. Like those stupid horn honkers. Yeah, we here you but the traffic is still slow. They can get flipped more than a crow. You can dictate that. Trust the cat. Now that my dictation is through for you, class, you can leave whatever you want for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm not a dicator at my sea,
    Because I'm all alone.
    No-one rings my doorbell.
    Likewise my telephone.

    Loved the verse Pat.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Cat You must.... make dough
    Didn't you know?
    You must have fun
    With or without a bun
    You must you must you must
    Ignore the dust
    You must also grow a special tree
    In the place to be
    To save the planet right now
    Eat a leaf, not a cow
    You must rhyme a bit more
    Encore at your door
    And... you must set Star Wars 9 on fire
    Cause that Kathy is a frigging liar.

    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show.

    1. Damn, a lot of must
      I may rust
      Or maybe just crust
      Like old moldy Star Wars yawn worthy space dust

    2. Set 9 on fire
      Or use a wire
      Johnsonless in a bin
      Jar Jar Abrams on a pin

  3. The only ones around here that dictate are the cats and they are definitely in charge. As it should be. Have a great day Pat.

  4. A Dictate That With The Cat!
    Careful not to cause a spat
    Dictate the action
    To offer no options
    Cats do it all on a safe bet


  5. I don't lick yellow snow and I'm sure not licking a yellow door.

  6. I'm thinking you are a dictator of the dictation!

  7. You must, you will, you may
    That's what they always say
    but in the end 'they're' gone
    so what if they were wrong?
    Do what you want,
    say what you will
    Always be yourself
    Go climb that hill!

    1. What if the hill is too high?
      Can I use a plane to umm fly?

  8. P.S. I'm not a dictator but I must say you must never lick a yellow door, doors have a lot of germs on them. ;)

    1. That doors do
      Never touch them if possible at my zoo

  9. I must remember what it is I'm suppose to do now!

  10. I must comment with 1,000 words?
    Well, would that I could, but no such luck.
    I am most verbose, but that's absurd.
    Yeah, like to help, but I think you're fu...

  11. No dictator here. All the You Must...etc. raises my hackles.

  12. I must ignore your dictation. Al (above) said it better

  13. I would follow some of your dictation. Especially “you must never do a chore”. Happy not to :-D

    1. Happy until the crap piles up
      Then you live in a stall only good for a pup

  14. My daughter would probably call me a dictator but only when she was a kid. lol

  15. I'm sure my kids felt that at about me!

  16. Meese - lol what is that exactly?

  17. When someone tells me I must, I'm not gonna do it.

  18. We purposely invited my sister in law to our breakfast today late because we didn't want her leaning over our shoulders telling us everything we were doing wrong with our prep and cooking. She's a true dictator.

    1. That is a wise move to make
      Then just in the eating she can partake

  19. I don't typically like people telling me what to do. :)


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