A Guiding Light Takes Flight!

The cat will guide you today. It will be easy as can be at our bay. I'll guide you right to that spot. That spot that is hard to be caught. It just must be done. So begins the fun.

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The cat is here.
Look and peer.
I'm straight ahead.
Use the eyes in your head.

See the words?
Forget the birds.
See what I typed?
Nothing was Skyped.

Now move one down.
Don't go to crazy town.
Rubber rooms have no internet.
At least that is a safe bet.

Don't quote me on that though.
I can't say I really know.
You just lost your right to sue.
It's not my fault you haven't a clue.

Now continue down the line.
Read the words of the feline.
Use your brain and eyes.
DO NOT look to the skies.

Look straight ahead.
Ten will be said.
That's ten times four.
We are half way over the tour.

Now read the send off below.
It is something you know.
It always comes to pass.
It involves a rhyming ass.

Oh, don't get alarmed.
No donkeys were harmed.
Wrong type of ass.
They eat the grass.

Then click the box.
No need to wear socks.
Click it and type.
Lay it on thick with comment hype.

Tell how the guide did.
Did it have your bid?
Did you learn everything needed?
Oh, and make sure post is deeded.

Now wasn't that grand? You got a guide to use my land. Don't you love such things? Next maybe a guide will come to flings. Wouldn't you love that? Can be done even by a snip snip cat. Ever have any useless guides come to pass? At least I proved I can guide people with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I could do with a light in my world right now, this cheered me up, Thank you Pat.


  2. Thanks for guiding us through 2018,

  3. The cats words take flight
    I think I see the light
    Shining ever so bright
    will humans ever get it right

  4. A Guiding Light Takes Flight!
    Makes it easier to travel light
    A guiding sequence
    Clears the nonsense
    Year 2019 expected to be all right


  5. I could sometimes use a guide in my life
    make things easier to do
    but the cat did a great job with it
    and didn't even make me go boo hoo


  6. somehow I kept running into a wall

  7. Rubber rooms have no internet? Well, there go my summer plans. Damn.

  8. Most computer program guides are useless. Online ones certainly better than the book that used to come with the program.

    1. Yep, online gets to the point
      At least at many a joint

  9. The Guiding Light . . . I can still hear the guy's voice that introduced that soap opera.

    1. I think I heard that before
      Over at my grandmother's shore

  10. I need a guide when I drive to someplace new.
    For I've been lost a time or two.

    1. Gps can do the trick
      Or send one off a cliff some slick

  11. If we're ever in a position where people are looking to me for guidance, I'd say we're all screwed.

    1. haha screwed in a fun way?
      That would be fine at each bay

  12. I was always a bad guide for driver when having a road trip. Glad now we have GPS!

    1. GPS sure does the trick
      As long as it doesn't lie about the way to your pick


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