A Label Making Kinda Faking!

The cat will label you all today. Or at least label things at play. Labels are everywhere. We need them at our lair. They are so trendy. Some even come out bendy.

A label for me.
A cat you see.
A label for you.
A human for view.

That's the words.
They come in herds.
Saying not showing.
Out they are flowing.

This is a door.
A label that says no more.
This is a floor.
Again, says no more.

This is a wall.
The label says it all.
This is the ceiling.
This label has feeling.

Need I do more?
I must go explore.
You just have to know.
No. These labels don't glow.

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This is a post.
You'll like it most.
That is a happy feeling.
A bit better than the ceiling.

This is a toilet.
Did the label spoil it?
This is a hair.
Bald people may stare.

This is a handle.
Less intriguing than a candle.
This is a window.
The label still doesn't glow.

This is a switch.
Label shows which is which.
Don't mess it up with the wall.
Two labels for all.

This is a cat.
I know you know that.
This is gas.
The label blew off with its mass.

Have you ever seen anything labeled that was just lame? Did you really need to know such a claim? Oh, this is a wall. Umm, err, okay, I didn't think it was a bathroom stall. It's good though that I labeled myself a cat. I wouldn't want anyone thinking that I'm a unicorn where we are at. My labels my turn out rather crass. But at least they'd be fun from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Labels can be fun if taken in the right spirit.
    Great read Pat.


  2. I can just picture a crazy person with a label maker.

  3. A Label Making Kinda Faking!
    Many a time used to hoodwink
    Just a statement
    Nothing to lament
    Just ignore when worth nothing


  4. My son used to get such a kick
    From the warnings they stick
    On windshield shades so slick
    “Do not drive with sun shield in place”
    He thought their heads were full of space

    1. Their heads could very well be
      Sure can be fun to see

  5. Oh yea, humans can be quite funny with their labels!

  6. Courtesy Phone was a funny label, back in the day.

  7. Now I have this picture in my head of a ceiling with a label on it.
    Thanks, Pat. Heh.

  8. The only labels I look for
    are the ones on the bathroom doors
    but who needs to read a sign
    you just look for the longer line.

    1. The shorter gets the win
      Go in that and sneak in

  9. In Ireland on a country road ( which are one-lane) there was a sign "Narrowing road", like it could get any narrower. Oh yes. It did.

    1. haha at least it spoke the truth of it
      As narrower came after each bit

  10. When buying clothes I look at the label
    I stay away from Dry Clean only if I am able

  11. I wish the dry clean only label was bigger- lol. Sometimes I forget to look and then I am not happy.

  12. Some labels are necessary
    To keep us wary.
    If a label says danger
    Treat it like a stranger.

  13. I DO label my son's stuff (basketball clothes, lunchbox, hoodies, etc.) to make sure we know they're his when the end up in the lost and found. And they always end up in the L&F. -_-

    1. haha then they are found out
      With his labels about

  14. Kind of like the warning signs that the coffee is hot. Since my kids are older, I label my wine bottles so they keep their hands off my booze.

    1. haha can't touch your stash
      Or they have to leave cash

  15. Warning labels are the funniest. Like on a land mine, it says, "This end toward enemy" and "Do not eat." (Um... darn?)

    1. No chowing down
      Or you will go to explosion town

  16. Labels make me sick
    Label lovers can go sit on a stick
    Just so they know
    At that kitty cat show


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