A Monthly Cheer Without Fat Guys Near!

Time for cheer.
Or so they say.
Go ear to ear,
Come what may.

It's holiday bliss.
Yep, that's it.
Pucker up for a kiss.
Can't have a fit.

Just for weeks.
Just for now.
No real streaks.
Don't have a cow.

Save it for later.
Then let it come.
Even if you fall in a crater,
You can't be glum.

Turn it around.
It is holiday magic.
It can be found.
No matter how tragic.

Kind of a trick.
Kind of a mindset.
Think it some slick.
Nothing but net.

Not really real.
Ignore all of that.
For it's the real deal.
It's where it's at.

It's got a lot.
A lot of play.
Good it was caught.
Oh the dismay.

Whoops, happy thoughts.
Think them for now.
Think them lots.
Can't raise an eyebrow.

Keep the mindset.
Keep it firm.
For it's a safe bet,
That it's only short term.

So holiday "magic" can turn your frown upside down? Wow, look what Santa can do when he comes to town. But you can't do it the other 11 months out of the year? Does your vision become clear? The insecure stuff shall return, but you can make it burn. Just like that mindset of "magic" and smiles, you can take it further and stretch it miles. A perky day in the other eleven months too. March has "magic" as well, who knew? Do you get all cheery only when this month comes to pass? You can stretch it out and trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Loved the verse Pat, yes Christmas is drawing near.
    Time for fun and laughter wishing you good cheer.
    But there are many lonely folk in this world so big.
    It dosen't take much to give a smile and make someone's day
    and do a jig.


  2. Better have that holiday cheer all the time or one month isn't going to do it for you.

    1. Yep, one month will end
      Then back to the trend

  3. Not only cheer, but kindness, too
    Must strive to have these all the year through

  4. cheer and kindness - good to have at all times. And if nothing else, write some holiday notes, cards, descriptions, poems.

  5. We sure try to be cheery all year long, sometimes it works, sometimes not!

    1. Especially when dumb humans show
      Out the window the cheery may go

  6. The secret is to keep Christmas cheer in our heart and every day of the year.

  7. A Monthly Cheer Without Fat Guys Near!
    Santa can roam around with the reindeer
    We would make it clear
    With happy Xmas cheer
    Extending happiness throughout the year


  8. Even cats can get into the holiday cheer, jumping on the tree, pulling it down. Cats must have fun, too!

    1. haha been there, done that
      Was old Cassie cat

  9. It's just any other month to me. Nothing magical about it.

  10. Yeah, this is the reason why I hate this time of year...
    But very clever, Pat!

    1. Fun to pick on it
      As all return to their usual fit

  11. It is supposed to be a time of cheer
    But causes lots of trouble I fear
    People should just stop and not do so much
    And then they would enjoy more without a fuss


  12. I can be glum
    If I want to be dumb.
    And since I'm getting older
    Each year I feel colder.

    Maybe I should move somewhere warm like Central America--
    Since all those people have been coming up here I would guess there is a lot of space for me in those climes.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. But then you have to deal with bugs
      And maybe some thugs
      Lots can kill you there
      Florida may be a better lair

  13. I believe in magic and kindness all year through. Although I do find Christmas a slightly difficult time I try and give a smile along the way and brighten someones day.

  14. I always snicker when I read "my little rhyming ass". You a very good at it too.

    I find a get little down as all my close relatives have passed. But I do believe magic and kindness should be a part of all 365 days of every year.

    Happy Holidays & Happy IWSG Day.

    1. 365 days is the way
      Little rhyming ass always gets a replay

  15. I saw on Nextdoor today
    that a neighbor did pay
    for someone's coffee drink
    and it made them think
    that they should do the same
    being nice isn't just a game
    paying it forward with a smile
    can stay in someone's heart for miles
    having an attitude
    of gratitude
    is how I stay
    happy each and every day


    1. That is the way
      Right attitude day by day
      Unless one is a true schmuck
      Then they can go get hit by a truck
      The cat may be grateful for that
      What? At least I'm an honest cat

  16. Such a wonderful poem! Left me in smiles. Yep, I'm a giddy Christmas person. Why not enjoy the magic and joy?

    1. Smiles are a win
      Good to enjoy both indeed at one's bin

  17. I try to get excited about the season, but it's gotten hard with so many life changes. I agree with others that kindness too is good for this time of year.

    1. Life changes sure can get in the way
      As they come day by day

  18. I'm more a fence-sitter this year in the Ho Ho Ho department. But I like how much more friendly people are, especially those armed with shopping carts. Happy Holidays to you Pat and the Cats, too.

    1. Have to watch the shopping carts
      Best to avoid Wal-marts

  19. This:
    "Just like that mindset of "magic" and smiles, you can take it further and stretch it miles."

  20. It's wonderful to see how friendly and generous people are at Christmas time. If everyone had the same feelings through ought the year it would be just fine.

    1. Would be fine indeed
      But they drop it after the holidays at their feed

  21. I'm cheery all the time. Okay, some of the time. As long as I'm writing my little butt off.

  22. Good point. I think I'm pretty cheerful the rest of the year too. But I know many grinches who can do their thing 12 months too.

    1. Yeah, there are a few of those
      Out the grinch in them always flows

  23. I hate each and every Xmas song
    every damn place I go
    as if I'm gonna sing along
    This Jew says "Oy vey! Heck no!"

    1. haha not a merry tune
      As over and over they swoon

  24. Nope. I'm afraid I'm annoyingly upbeat all year long. The magic for me this time of year is that most other people are cheerful now, too.

    1. Yeah, many sure are cheerful now
      They no longer have a cow

  25. Yup, the holiday magic should definitely be stretched out.
    There were some stressed out clerks today that needed a brush of that magic. Grin.

    1. haha dealing with nuts
      May make the magic seep out their umm butts

  26. Hey Pat I hope your holiday magic.
    Is not tragic.
    Have fun!
    No matter what comes!

  27. I do love driving around and seeing all the lights. :)

  28. As Edmund Gwynn said in "Miracle on 34th Street"-"Christmas isn't just a day, it's a state of mind."

  29. Happy every month over here, but do have to admit this time of year holds extra special cheer. :)

    1. Extra special is a win
      As christmas and family time is given a spin

  30. December is a great month. And no matter how hard I try avoid that Christmas spirit, I'm out there spending money and hoping Santa brings me lots of presents! Too much tinsel and lights, it gets into your soul. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here's to a New and Exciting Year!

    1. haha seeps on into the soul it can indeed
      Hopefully a great one is had at your feed


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