A Rest For Head Has To Be Said!

The cat was resting here, just resting to be clear, and then someone said, "I see you're resting your head." Hmm is that all they could see? Beats the heck out of me.

Stretch and relax.
Ignore the email and fax.
Is the latter still a thing?
Bah, ignore it for this fling.

Let your eyes drift.
Don't make those lids lift.
Just let them go.
Oh, a noise at the window.

Can I come in?
No, go take a spin.
I see you were resting your head.
Yeah, so go bug club med.

Can I come in?
No, go suck on gin.
I see you were resting...
Are you umm testing?

What about my back?
Does rest for that lack?
Does rest for my ass not pass?
Is it because of the gas.

What about my finger?
Oh look, it can linger.
I guess that didn't want rest.
It must stay up the best.

What about my toe?
Do you give 4 out of 5 a no?
What about my ears?
Do they count or are they like rears?

Can my arm rest too?
You know an arm rest is a thing at each zoo.
But, nope, just my head.
Have you gone to club med?

Maybe just the med part.
Did you take it to heart?
Fine I won't come in.
Great. Go rob a cookie tin.

Now I will rest.
Rest is the best.
Rest one and all.
Even my snip snip no ball.

One way to make interlopers go away. Rant on about something stupid at your bay. Ever think of that though? Where does the rest of your body go? Does everything stay up all the time? Bah, blue balls, so the cat is told, is a crime. What? It would have no rest. Oh what came to my mind from an unwanted guest. I will now rest my sass and go rest up for tomorrow's with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. It's good to relax and let annoying things go over your head.

    Enjoy the weekend Pat.

  2. We are all for relaxing. And the donkeys say their ears are the most important part. Have a good day Pat.

  3. Rest is oh so sweet on the mind
    leave the day’s worries behind
    sometimes life isn’t so kind
    but, new adventures one can find

  4. A Rest For Head Has To Be Said!
    Resting the tired body in bed
    A good rest
    Is just best
    Face the next day all plans laid


  5. Love this thanks!

    Stretch and relax.
    Ignore the email and fax.
    Is the latter still a thing?
    Bah, ignore it for this fling.


  6. I generally come home from work, plug in the phone, and stretch out for at least a few minutes. Just decompress in silence. I don't have a cat to ignore, I have Ray...

    1. haha he may be a little harder in a way
      Especially if he crawls on you like cats at our bay

  7. It's just a silly saying. No need to get all upset over it.

  8. I felt myself relax and will now head over to the sofa.

  9. I think we all need to relax after a busy day
    and take a few minutes alone with no way at bay


  10. There's nothing like a good rest after a long day, or after dealing with annoying people for a short time.

    1. The annoying people sure suck
      On them we pass the buck


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