A Revive This That You Can't Miss!

The cat is going to bring back the dead. Yep, you heard what I said. I'll do the hokey pokey and spin all about. I think that is what gets it out. Heck, I don't really know. It works on such and such a show.

Time to revive.
Can't get out alive.
But can be brought back.
Even after a heart attack.

Did that you know?
May not work on a crow.
It also may not work on you.
You need to have a whole crew.

Throw in lots of dough.
Then a reviving you can go.
Back to top form.
Hey, it's the norm.

You see it every day.
They bippity boppity boo away.
Then they bippity boppity boo back.
Their hocus pocus sure don't lack.

The fanny pack returns.
Out it churns.
Grab it while it lasts.
Could go into past blasts.

Like the flip of the blast.
Blast from the past.
That saying may be revived.
Or another that never survived.

Oh look, a show.
It's one people will know.
Let's throw out the dough.
We'll add in so and so.

A movie or three.
Another show for thee.
Why not make that three?
We will revive with glee.

No doctor needed.
No medical supplies are deeded.
Just bring it back.
Our reviving doesn't lack.

Hmm we revived a non dead thing?
No zombies for a fling?
Damn, how does that count?
Who cares, we revived a high amount.

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Do you love the revivals going on? On your screen many sure do dawn. How can you revive something that was never alive though? Is there a trick to reviving non-living things that we don't know? Do we even really want to know? Maybe that would be a no go. Soon they may even revive the singing bass. At least no one will go reviving my never ending little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. The #1 regained
      Not without pain!


    2. Good morning Hank
      I slept late on this date
      no number one my fate

      Hi Pat and cats

    3. No pain no gain
      At any old lane

    4. Hi, True
      A future date due for you
      You may sleep late
      But still can slip in thru' the gate!


  2. I remember they tried to revive bell bottom jeans. I'm glad that one failed.

  3. I like Broadway revivals....some old musicals feel fresh again

  4. Some things were only good once, actually, lots of things!

  5. Some revivals need to come forth
    The originals weren’t as much worth

    1. Those need to indeed
      When they stink first go around at one's feed

  6. A Revive This That You Can't Miss!
    Good ones were awaited their release
    Response may be reduced
    Not likely to be abused
    Originals were the ones they had wished


  7. some things are lovely to remember .. others not !!
    Love some revivals!

  8. Some revivals are just plain duds
    hardly worthy of our time
    better to leave them dead then bring them back alive
    and this is the end of my rhyme


  9. Revivals are seen on TV
    Magnum P.I, Hawaii Five 0
    and don’t forget MacGuyer
    all make it to the scene
    they must be doing swell
    making some easy dough
    I guess I don’t really know

    Haha - just don’t bring back the fanny pack

    1. CBS is revival central at their sea
      Half the shows are based off movies, old shows, or spinoffs that they give to thee

      Not gonna rock the fanny pack?
      Will it give you a heart attack?

  10. I hate the fanny packs. Always have.

  11. They've brought back Magnum PI, really should have left it alone. So little on tv is worth watching so redoing things seems silly to me.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Yep, so little of worth
      Better to leave them buried in the earth

  12. I hear perms are making a comeback. That's one revival that won't be happening on my head.

  13. Replies
    1. Round and round it goes
      Tied in same old bows

  14. Sure wish they would come up with some new TV programs instead of all the revivals.

  15. And speaking of revivals
    They are making a sequel to Groundhog Day
    And speaking of revivals
    They are making a sequel to Groundhog Day

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary....
    Gary, Gary, nary contrary....

    1. Watch it again at your sea
      There is the sequel for free

  16. The fanny pack is hideous, but they did come in handy for things like a day at the amusement park.

    1. That they do
      Maybe they need to make something new

  17. Some things should not be revived.
    Let them rest in peace and no longer be alive.


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