A Risky Post At My Coast!

Today the cat will risk it and post. I mean the NSA may not like me at my coast. They may throw me in a hole. Save me though if that is their goal. I'd have no litter box in there. That wouldn't be fair.

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You are at risk.
Should I go tisk tisk?
Maybe a tisket a tasket?
Hey, it rhymes with casket.

You can pre-buy those.
They have them sat in rows.
But that we have done.
I don't want to risk a repeat run.

I may get slapped.
Maybe even trapped.
Trapped with alien bears.
They would have no hairs.

I'd risk going blind.
It would be one of a kind.
Then I'd be lunch.
I can just hear the crunch.

I went off track.
I guess I risked it at my shack.
Or did I risk making a point?
Do I ever risk those at my point?

It could be risky to do.
I may risk a few.
Now I just ignoring you.
Whatever is a cat to do?

Yeah, I risked that.
A question from the cat.
You did risk coming here.
Zombie feet could have been near.

You risked turning the computer on.
You risked falling for a con.
That email from King Abubu looks mighty fine.
Don't risk it and risk trusting the feline.

You also risked shock.
You risked slipping on a sock.
You risked smacking your head.
You risked all when you got out of bed.

You risked it and what?
Nothing at your hut.
Damn, it was ever so risky though.
I think I'll risk ending this flow.

Do you ever think things too risky when they are not? Did you know you could wake up, fall over, and begin to rot? All it takes is tripping and whacking your head. Then oopsy, you're dead. You risk that every single day. Yet you still go out to play. Or maybe to work. The latter isn't a perk. I risked instilling fear with this post in each lad and lass. No need to thank my risky little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. WOW, I'm first? That is risky!

    1. That it can be
      All asleep from sea to sea

    2. Wow 9:27, that's hasn't happened for a LONG TIME.

    3. Happens this time of year
      As all have christmas cheer

  2. I guess that makes me #2
    That really isn’t anything new

  3. True so much is risky in our days
    but we do need to get out and play.


  4. I guess if you want to fly
    one must take some risk
    hope the wind isn’t too brisk
    as you try to navigate the sky

    Is it fear that whisk dreams away
    wondering what others will say...

    1. Others can go sit on a stick
      To steal Blue's shtick

  5. I tend to be risk averse, probably a bit too cautious at times

    1. Too cautious can leave one stuck too
      Or miss out on a few

  6. I am at risk of giving my bad cold to someone. Sorry for being so offline and missing your posts. Trying to get things done and a visit from my dear friend delayed things but he came with a cold and gave it to me last Monday. I have been flat-lined since he left. Have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Hopefully the germs fly away
      And you have a great holiday

  7. A Risky Post At My Coast!
    May seem being a little dose
    Not to ponder
    Nor to wonder
    And Merry Christmas up close

  8. Being cautious myself, I’ve taken my kitties to the vet for something turned out to be nothing. They may be thinking me being cautious is a risk for them!

    1. Yeah, I've taken them for that too
      Paranoia at our zoo lol

  9. We're at risk when we wake up each morning.
    Never know what's going to happen without warning.
    Maybe I'll trip and fall on my head.
    Mmm, I think I'll go back to bed.

    1. haha could happen to anyone
      Whacking the head sure is no fun

  10. I risk gaining weight because there are Christmas Cookies at every turn. Yum!

    1. Everywhere you turn, you say
      My, you must not go far during the day lol

  11. There are risks everywhere! Can't overthink it all. :)

    1. Nope, will leave you at home
      And you'll never want to roam

  12. Every day offers new risks to be had. I don't think about them much though. It's more exciting to live on the edge :)

    1. haha the edge of life
      May be free or not of strife


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