A Scary Thin Guy Let's A Load Fly!

First I have to show me. It is my sea. We don't want to spoil the surprise. You may want to avert thy eyes. A scary thin one. Looks like...well you'll see at the end of this run.

I'm upon high.
Can really see this guy.
When did he lose weight?
Is he trying to mate?

There is an old lady.
Maybe Santa is umm shady.
We really don't want to know.
So wrong at our show.

Does he have to go?
He can sure get rather low.
Where does he go in the night?
Is using homeowners' bathrooms all right?

Is that mutt chewing his boot?
Can he turn him into a newt.
Now that would be cool.
Hey, he is a magical fool.

A Hallmark event.
Hmm titled Get Bent.
May not pass the censor crowd.
The PTA would yell rather loud.

Child services may sic him.
Not proper and prim.
All kinds of wrong.
Santa really is a ding dong.

The poop machines look.
They may think him a crook.
But all they do is stare.
I guess they don't care.

From up here I can see.
It may be a load under the tree.
Can't blame the mutt.
Santa needs to go to another hut.

What am I saying?
Right, you haven't seen it displaying.
Get ready to view.
I may as well burn it into your mind too.

So was the cat right?
Had he held it all night?
Is that really a load?
Boy, Santa is sure in scary mode.

Ever see a Santa like that? Any guesses who it is under that hat? The cat is too busy rolling his eyes to even tell. The poop machines' expressions were clearly, "what the hell?" At least they didn't scream and hurt my ears with their first Santa pass. Nope, he'll never get to use the litter box of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

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  1. Brings back memories when mine were small.
    Have a good weekend.


  2. I can see your point of view. Such a beautiful cat. Such an animated Santa. ;)

  3. I always liked to see Santa when the kids were small
    to them he always seemed tall


    1. Tall he can be
      And scary to some at their sea

  4. Some Santas just don’t take pride in their work!

  5. That really is a skinny santa. I enlarged the photo, and I really couldn't figure what santa was doing to that child or that mini-adult behind him. Kind of freaked me out~

    1. hahaha sure laughing at that
      Freaked out at our mat

  6. Santa, up close and personal. Yea, too personal

    1. A bit too much
      As he tries to reach out and touch

  7. That Santa is great.
    He's surely no chump.
    Looks like he's lost weight
    and taking a dump.

  8. I have seen all kinds of Santas. :)

    1. haha come in many a way
      At the end of the day

  9. i wonder what would happen if the cat decided to test Santa's beard.
    Would he think it was soft and pretty or something rather weird?

    1. Probably run and ogle
      Or just stick to Google

  10. I like how that baby is really checking out Santa.

    1. haha he was actually looking past Santa at some other thing
      Didn't give two hoots because he saw who Santa was when getting dressed at our wing

  11. You can always count on Orlin to give a unique perspective! Just looking at that Santa stance makes my knees hurt. Sometimes Santas are downright freaky looking to little kiddos. They can be a scary proposition!

    1. That Orlin will do
      Santa does yoga so the knees were fine at his zoo
      Can be scary indeed
      But they saw who it was getting dressed at our feed

  12. Santa is kinda scaring me with that pose. What’s going on here!?

    1. haha leave it to your mind
      So humorous to my behind

  13. Is that you in the Santa suit?
    The kid looks freaked and grandma may want to give Santa the boot.
    I’m ok with Santa being thin.
    European Santa’s are great, they are a real win.

    1. haha he wasn't freaked one bit
      Looked at Santa like what the umm spit
      As he knew who it was inside
      Hmm could have been me taking it for a ride


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