Ask You Don't Or Like You Won't!

There are things that you never ask. They are something that may lead to a task. You don't want any of those. The cat will let you in on them so you don't strike an "oh no" pose.

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Things to do.
Things to get done.
Some told to you.
Some given a run.

Then you finish.
Then you smile.
Your hope may diminish,
Things can turn vile.

Why is that?
You open your yap.
You chew that fat.
So comes another trap.

Is there anything else I can do?
Oh, I have one or two.
You just gave me a clue.
Thanks for your words so true.

You can do this.
You can do that.
You bring such bliss.
You're where it's at.

What else is there?
Did you ask me?
You really do care.
I have something you should see.

It will only take a day.
Two days at most.
I have to go away.
You deserve to boast.

Is that it?
That's all you did?
Are you sure that's a hit?
Did tasks get hid?

Oh, thanks for asking.
Is there anything else for you?
Sure, I know you're good at multi-tasking,
So I've got plenty more for you to do.

It will only take a week.
You are so nice for asking.
Your work will never peak.
Excuse me while in the sun I go basking.

Do you ever ask that? Anything else or what else where you are at? That usually leads to plenty more. We avoid that at our shore. What else can I say to you? Oh, I've got plenty more to come due. What else do you want? I have plenty more posts that may taunt. Look, I'm ahead of your what else stuff. I guess it doesn't always end up rough. I will go before anything else comes to pass. I don't want to be too much of a mouthy little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I've asked for help,
    When my son passed away.
    Appears no one can come to my aid
    Comewhat may.

    They do say that if you don't ask you don't get,
    Loved the verse Pat.

  2. I've learned never to ask my wife if she needs help in the kitchen...

  3. You're just asking for trouble comes to mind!

  4. That's because there is always more to do, even when you finish.

  5. I try to be helpful at my shore
    I don’t mind if I’m asked to do more

  6. Haha I don’t ask my cats anything else or what else after they eat snacks. They always want more :-)

    1. haha will gobble up more
      And then get rather large at your shore

  7. I prefer to do things myself, so please don't ask.

  8. I try to avoid people so they don't ask me to do things for them. I prefer to do things myself, so I don't often ask for help either.

    1. Yep, get it done your way
      Much better at the end of the day

  9. Ask You Don't Or Like You Won't!
    Asking a favor gets varied response
    Just do your own thing
    Saves all the waiting
    But only a rare breed in most instances



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