Available Today Or Not At Play!

The cat is available to make this rhyme. At least when I'm doing so at this time. The time is 6:17 PM Atlantic, if you must know. My availability may change by the time this is given a go.

Today is the day.
Today you go out to play.
You got everything ready.
Then the phone rings steady.

Are you available?
This thing is salable.
I need you here.
You availability must be clear.

Are you available?
I don't care if you are bailable.
I want you in here now.
So you better get here somehow.

Are you available?
This sale is scalable.
You can sell with ease.
This one is a breeze.

Are you available?
You clearly are mailable.
So answer and get here.
Your availability is clear.

Are you available?
An offense may be jailable.
You better respond.
Or be in the great beyond.

Are you available?
This may leave you unbailable.
Then in a cell you'll rot.
You won't like its cot.

Are you available?
This may soon become unsalable.
Get here and get it done.
I don't care about your fun.

Are you available?
Me? No, I'm unavailable.
I've gone out to enjoy the day.
Get there and make the sale, okay?

Today was the day.
Today you were going to play.
Today your availability changed.
Today got rearranged.

Don't you love that? Are you available where you are at? Love how it usually means get here stat and/or your plans are going to fall flat? Then those asking usually want to do something that they want. Don't those words try to haunt? Do you answer yes or no, or just ignore and out the door you go? We're available when we are supposed to be for a work pass. On the rest, it depends when you catch my mostly unavailable little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm always availiable at my bay.
    Would be nice to feel wanted that's what I say.
    No one around except Tennessee the cat.
    Sums me up perfectly.....that is that.


  2. Considering all the robocalls we get, I'm always unavailable.

  3. If a cell is the end, I'm suddenly unavailable!!

  4. Everybody wants something so I'm not available either!

  5. as I"m walking out the door at work...are you available? Um, no not really

    1. Yeah, I've heard that too
      Pffft is what we think at our zoo

  6. Quite available I used to be
    Now I’m trying to make time for me

    1. Have to look after one's self
      Or become a filled box on a shelf

  7. Available Today Or Not At Play!
    Making a bid hankering for today
    Not available
    Just not able
    Spare a thought for which-ever way


  8. Try to make myself available
    unless I am at work
    and then I can't be
    if I want to get a paycheck and not be in a lurk


  9. Try as I might...
    Unavailable all week.
    It's good I work nights.
    If a clean toilet you seek.

    1. So plans go down the crapper?
      All clean like a suburban rapper?

  10. I try to make available lol

    (psst you are teasing us cat?)

  11. Available? Depends on who's asking and when:)
    YOU have a great one.

  12. Are you available for a few questions?
    They never make any mentions
    that they are trying to get information from you
    so they can be a real screw.
    I am never around for these yahoos
    they can go and sing the blues

    1. That they can indeed
      Maybe walk in front of a car going at high speed

  13. Hard to be available on demand. Keep some time for yourself.

  14. I'm available most of the time, but only if you give me advance notice. I don't do spur of the moment help unless it's an emergency.

    1. No spur of the moment for you
      Check at our zoo


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