Comes Right In For The Win!

The cat got warm the other day. Being out in the cold for 8 hours sucks at any bay. But the warmth came back. So nice to be inside a shack. And one with no outside loo. Hey, I've seen as few of those still being used too. Country living at its best. Or not, you decide on the outhouse fest.

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Cold as can be.
That would be me.
But warmth comes in.
Let the heater spin.

It takes its time.
Can't warm on a dime.
But it gets there.
Ahhh, hot air.

A rush of warm air.
Umm, did I speak unfair?
Wasn't I clear?
Can you even hear?

A rush to retort.
Are you making a report?
Should we just abort?
You may come up short.

A rush to deny the short.
Yeah, I really hate, Mort.
He's just so short and mean.
He creates such a scene.

A rush to be sarcastic.
Aren't I fantastic?
I'm just the best.
I can pass any test.

A rush to get a full head.
I think you need to rethink what you said.
Some empty space may be up there.
The MRI said so at our lair.

A rush to prove me wrong.
Are you putting it to song?
It might be quite the rush.
Come on and go for it, mush.

A rush to put me down.
Did it make you frown?
But you're still up?
I think you had a hiccup.

A rush to prove me wrong.
Is this the chorus of the song.
Hey, at least I'm warm now.
This rushing thing is really wow.

And there is no need to rush around when you can click here and have things found.

Do you think rush has lost its meaning? Maybe the dictionary needs a re-screening. Do you rush warmth at your sea? Do you really rush it and have it work for thee? How can you get warm in a rush? Jump in the shower or get frisky with a lush? Hmm, it may work a bit. Still wouldn't say you can rush it. The cold even holds back the green grass. You can't rush that or the warmth of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I do tend to rush to get to the warm spots!

  2. Comes Right In For The Win!
    Bit of a rush way to be in
    Out in the cold
    Not being bold
    Better in snug and warm scene


  3. It's cold now and the waves are fierce. Snow in NC, just in time for a winter holiday. Where's the sun? :)

  4. Ya know, I've actually used an outhouse before. I lived in West Virginia for a year back in 1997 and a friend of the family lived way out away from anyone and still had an outhouse.

    1. haha we had a cabin with an outhouse as well
      So not swell

  5. I seem to always be in a rush right before work
    trying to get everything done
    some days I would just rather
    be outside sitting in the sun


  6. My grandparents had an outhouse years ago.....
    Well the snow is rushing to fall here in NC. 12" and still coming down.

    1. Ick, you can keep that
      No more of that white scat

  7. I always rush to get to the beach if the weather is good.


  8. I want my furnace to rush the heat to me every morning. It doesn't rush, takes quite a while, so while I'm sipping hot coffee, trying to warm my hands on the cup I'll now think of your poem.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Waiting to warm up
      Can sure make one enjoy the cup

  9. I don’t think you can rush the heat
    the furnace rattles at its own beat

  10. My husband bought a new car with seats that heat up in a freaking rush! It's a hot ass in 30 seconds!

    1. haha no more cold buns
      As you make grocery runs

  11. Today you brought back memories from long ago.
    My grandparents lived in the country and so
    They had an outhouse a short distance from the farmhouse.
    When you went there you might meet spiders, worms, and even a mouse.

    1. Nothing you want to meet
      As with the hole and meet and greet

  12. I have never used an outhouse, but my grandma had some funny stories of using them back in the day. I wish the heat would rush. I have heated seats in my car, I wrap myself in a heated blanket during the day, and have a heated mattress pad on my bed. I hate being cold.

    1. Geez, you sure give the cold a heave ho
      As you heat up at your show


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