Done Yet Not Has A Plot!

The cat is done posting. Yep, all done where we are hosting. I'm done, I say. Don't tell me another way. I said I was done. Can't you see today's run?

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I'm done. I'm done.
Now time for fun.
Jump and cheer.
Wiggle that rear.

The laundry is done.
I've washed every one.
The dishes are done.
I've taken my run.

I've used the loo.
Cleaned the litter box too.
Did the shower.
Paid the bill for power.

Oh hell, I paid them all.
Bills are done at my hall.
I've watched some TV.
I've slept at my sea.

I've decorated the tree.
I've finished writing to thee.
I'm done cooking.
I'm done cat video looking.

I'm done. I'm done.
Now time for fun.
Jump and cheer.
What? How can that be near?

More laundry to do?
But done shined through.
More dishes to wash?
Oh my gosh.

I still have to go.
That I should really know.
More bills to pay?
But I did that the other day.

The cat buried more shit?
Damn, can't that stop it?
The tree needs to be decorated again next year?
Why oh why wasn't that clear.

I'm not done. I'm not done.
Where is my fun?
I can't leap and cheer.
Is that more dishes to fear?

Ever say you are done like it is a final run? Yeah, that will never come due. Sorry, always dishes and laundry at your zoo. Unless you eat off the floor and become a nudist at your shore. Then you may get rid of two of those. Could let you strike a happy pose. I never said I was done for good. I said I was done at my hood. Done this post and it's done yet not done sass. You can't stop my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I will gladly share the day Hank
    no need to walk the plank ;)

  2. Pleased all is done so have some fun.


  3. I'm late

    but earlier than usual

  4. Done for the day
    Might be a better way
    For “I’m finished” to say

  5. Never done, but it's fun to cross things off the to-do list.

  6. Dishes and laundry are never done! Same goes for the lawn, although my grass has finally stopped growing.

    1. At least the lawn gives you a break
      Rather have that than a snowy partake

  7. Never done, but my eyes say so by 10 pm. Snore

  8. Done Yet Not Has A Plot!
    Better yet all on the dot
    I's done for now
    Comes with a wow
    Clean as white without a spot


  9. I done did done a time or two too!

  10. Hmm, I think I am done.
    At least in my head.
    Well, no, but it's more fun.
    Than being, uh, dead.

    1. Voices and heads
      Beats six feet down
      May need some meds
      If you start wearing a gown

  11. My mother used to recite this poem: "A man works 'til day is done, but a woman's work is never done." If you want to be done... get married! :) Hmmm, I'm not sure that sounds the way I intended it...

    1. lol so I can be lazy if I get married right quick?
      Or are you saying she'll kick my butt and cut off my umm wick?

  12. No, nothing is ever done. But that is what makes life so amazing.

    1. That it can be
      Maybe not always scooping cat pee

  13. Don't think we are ever done. At least I hope not. Just have to keep plugging along. Pat, you have a great week end.

  14. We are slaves to doing the same chores over and over again. Dishes and laundry seem to be my worst offenders.


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