Ever So Swift Is The Return Gift!

Are you one of those? Those where the grass grows? You'll see rather fast. You may not want to tell the cat if you are part of the cast. He may make fun. Get ready...and...run!

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We have to get out to the mall.
The mail may stall.
We have to get there.
Shoppers better beware.

We aren't here for the deals.
Nope, we made sure we never broke the seals.
All packed and set.
Make sure nothing gets wet.

Here we go.
Daylight on the go.
Bah, we left in the dark.
Wanted to get a place to park.

The vehicle is full.
It was rough to pull.
We have all of this stuff.
We can really get enough.

Now let's return.
Money we can earn.
A gift to us.
No muss, no fuss.

Whatever that means.
I see those TV screens.
I really want that.
Those ones are super duper flat.

But first the return.
These shoppers should learn.
Learn to get out of my way.
I have to return for pay.

Then I may spend.
I'll never lend.
But you can lend to me.
I'll even return it for thee.

Add to the pile.
Takes up many a floor tile.
I asked for it because it costs a ton.
I knew it would make a grand return run.

But, shhhh, don't tell.
Isn't returning swell?
Oh, off to the next store.
You better move aside as I come ashore.

Do you ask for expensive things just so you can take them back? Some surely do at their shack. Somethings don't fit, get two off, etc. and all that stuff, but some ask just to get cash from fluff. Why not just ask for money from the start? Did they suffer a brain fart? Would be less hassle than returning with all the nuts out in mass. Never fear, I'll return tomorrow with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. 2

    Guess most people are sleeping in today. I'm off to work. No chance to return a thing.

  2. Replies
    1. Deceitful some can be
      As they try and trick thee

  3. No returns for us at my pad,
    But half-price candy must be had!
    Planning to teach the grands
    How to make LifeSaver trains with their hands!
    Got what I needed a few minutes past (a.m.) 5;
    And now I’m done shopping at my hive!

    1. Geez, you were there early
      That might make me squirrely

  4. Not returning anything here. Pat, you have a fine day.

  5. We don't want any of our goodies returned either, they're already all furred up!

  6. Ever So Swift Is The Return Gift!
    Returns tell of intentions adrift
    Of bad intentions
    Open to questions
    Pick the right one not to cause grief


  7. Ask for expensive things so you can take them back? That's a first for me. I never ever would have thought to do something like that. How rude.

    1. Yeah, some do it with ease
      And take the cash without a please

  8. Rarely return a gift
    but have been known to pass it on to someone else
    wouldn't want to be in the stores today
    and will enjoy working at the house


    1. Much better to avoid
      Could fall into an endless void

  9. Is this a thing? Lol, I've only heard about those sites you can sell gift cards.

  10. The stores are probably madhouses today with the hordes of people returning their gifts. You couldn't pay me to go to the mall today. (Or most any other day...) That's why we only give our grandkids a token gift and cash. (Cash is NEVER the wrong size.)

    1. haha cash is always a win
      Sure don't complain about that at our bin

  11. As best as I remember, I've never returned a gift. If someone spent the time and money to remember me, I wouldn't insult them by being so rude.

  12. I don't think I've ever returned a gift. I've definitely regifted a few in my day though.

    1. haha making use of each one
      Even if needed a re-gifting run


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