Going In For The Kill That May Not Thrill!

The kiddies may be out after the cat. I can't have hair pullers where we are at. I may have to lock the door. I did something they may hate at our shore. Bah, it was fun and had to be done.

Cassie found it first.
But I wanted to make it burst.
That thing looked good to eat.
I could chew the corners off some sweet.

Then came the scare.
Cassie gave it a glare.
I thought it dumb.
Time to kill the merry chum.

Hmm how is it in there?
Oh what do I care.
I'll rip and tear.
All is fair.

Nope, he doesn't have balls.
Can't go decking any halls.
I know what it is like.
Snip snip makes those balls take a hike.

You'll lose that hat.
I'll squash it flat.
Don't go jingling bells.
Tough love sells.

Don't play dead.
Off with your head.
That beard has got to go.
It is itchy, don't you know.

Back to the hat.
I must have that.
Rip and tear.
I bet you have no hair.

Stop singing to me.
I have no glee.
I don't want to watch out.
I'll make you pout.

Yay, he's dead.
Nothing else is said.
Now let's see about this box.
Good thing it has no locks.

How rude is this?
Came back for more bliss.
I was taking a nap.
I have to end this chap.

Open, you stupid thing.
I know you are on a spring.
Don't hide from me.
I'll make you fly free.

I told you so.
This singing has got to go.
I don't like watching out for fat guys.
They can crush you, word to the wise.

So here it is.
This singing biz.
I'll end it.
Rip it just a bit.

Just a bit more.
Got it at my shore.
You will sing no more.
Time I ended your merry lore.

No box for you.
I'll shake you until you turn blue.
This is so merry to me.
So merry that I'll do it for free.

Yep, I killed that magic fat guy. He wasn't really that spry. He popped out of that box and tried to dance. I would have none of such a prance. I yanked him out and made him pay. Kill any Santas at your bay? Did you know Santa was neutered too? Damn, no wonder a creepy fat guy can come into any zoo. He can't do a thing. Up nothing shall spring. Now I'll go back to making sure he is dead with another pass. Can't have things springing up on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

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  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      Where is Blue
      Did he walk the plank

    2. Good morning True
      Early morning blues
      Blue's a weekend guy
      Perhaps he'll come by


    3. Keeping on top
      Blue was a flop

    4. Blue's not doing too well
      Nothing new where I dwell
      A big ass flop
      Not at the top

    5. Flop ain't grand
      Need cash in hand

  2. Glad you got rid of that.
    Who should want to harm a cat?

    Great verse Pat.

  3. Hohoho - who knew Santa could fit in a small box
    surprised the cat didn’t throw him in the litter box

    Great Post haha made me smile

    1. haha probably would have if given enough time
      Sure didn't like his chime

  4. Poor Santa! Hey, my Dad knows all about having no hair!

    1. No hair gets around
      Guess it doesn't want to be found

  5. Haha This is awesome. Love the pictures. Have a great Christmas!

    1. Glad it was grand
      Hope a good one is had in your land

  6. Going In For The Kill That May Not Thrill!
    Reindeer drawn Santa's roaming the hills
    But Santa i a box
    Not a lot of talk
    They'll see Santa in a box with no frills


  7. Ha ha ha! Cat had his way
    With Fat Santa this winter day!!!

  8. Santa with no balls.
    Now there's a chilling thought.
    Causes one to pause.
    His Yule Log is for naught.

    1. Stuck in one motion
      He ain't doing the locomotion

  9. Some kitty is getting coal in his stocking...

  10. No balls has he?
    That just ain't right
    A ball-less Santa
    can't take flight
    Well, he can
    but he's less a man
    Then again
    Cassie's got him
    beat in that way times ten

    1. No flight
      No fight
      Just getting fat
      Then he can't see that

  11. I guess that's that! Better luck next year, Santa.

  12. Someone's getting coal in their kitty stocking this year. No way around it with that one. ;)

    1. He'll eat and play with it
      However nasty bit by bit

  13. Better tell the Easter Bunny to watch out. ;)

  14. Ha, ha, cats are so much fun,
    They are curious critters every one.

  15. Oh oh, I think someone ended up on the naughty list
    wouldn't want to have to explain that to the guy in red
    better to hide all the evidence
    and leave things a lot unsaid.


    1. Hide he tried to do
      Pushing it under the bed at our zoo

  16. I know who is at the top of the Naughty List this year!

    1. That means the cat is a winner
      Must get a big old turkey dinner


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