In The Works From Many Clerks!

The cat will let you in on things today. You may even want to give them a replay. A re-read maybe that should be? I'll leave that up to thee.

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I'm not working.
No driving or clerking.
But things are still there.
In the works, so beware.

How can it be in?
Do they stand or spin?
What are they in?
What is they at one's bin?

Should that be who?
I'll answer it for you.
It is in the works.
That saying has perks.

A year later and not done.
I was out having fun.
Vague it can be.
But it's in the works for thee.

I promised more.
You need something to give an encore.
So I searched far and wide.
This will make you beam with pride.

A blog post is in the works.
Boy, this does have perks.
Your blog has a post in the works.
Even if you are one of those "great post" jerks.

A sequel is in the works.
That ought to get some smirks.
A remake is also in the works.
It may add one or two new quirks.

News is in the works.
Mostly they'll talk about jerks.
Commercials are in the works.
Actually nearby it lurks.

Stuck in your head is in the works.
Hey, jingles have perks.
Have to feed those clerks.
Hmm so in the works?

Wouldn't it already be out?
If you can hear the shout?
So would that be out of the works?
That just killed all the perks.

Do you have anything in the works? Can it be in the works if you aren't working and instead out enjoying life's perks? What kind of working is actually being had? Do all these questions about working make you mad? Don't worry, I have another post in the works. It will have my same old quirks. I may throw in a new one or go super crass. Probably not though, with my quirky little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I've completed my chores,
    But staying indoors.
    It's pouring with rain.
    Which is an obvious pain.

    Have a good weekend Pat.

    1. Rain can be a pain
      But beats snow filling the lane

  2. In the works usually just means an idea.

  3. If it means real work you can count me out!

  4. In The Works From Many Clerks!
    Keeping busy through the dark
    Any in the works
    Not any quirks
    Be completed not passing the buck


  5. there's always something churning in the brain.
    now if it gets on paper or gets done
    that's another story

    1. A story of it's own
      Or could be as still as stone

  6. Interesting question! I will have to think about it. Everyone should have something in the works as one year ends and another begins!

    Wishing you a happy end of the year and lots of things in the works.

    1. Something should always be
      Hopefully a great one is had at your sea

  7. I don't have anything in the works right now.

  8. My wheels are always spinning
    Every day is a new beginning
    Something in the works? Always :)

  9. All sorts of works are spinning in my head.
    To sort out the good works from the bad, I'm going to bed.
    Yes, I do my best thinking in my sleep.
    But sadly when I awake I might as well have been counting sheep.
    For the good works have all disappeared.
    Which is exactly what I feared.

    1. Need to have a memory device
      Have it record everything that is nice

  10. Ah, Pat in the Hatt
    And a crazy cat
    My head is spinning
    As I sit here grinning
    Something in the works
    As my head cogs jerk

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary....

  11. I'm still in the works of sorting my vacation photos from last summer. I fear it will always be in the works. Too many pics, not enough hours in the day to get to them and everything else that always needs to be done.

    1. Always something to do
      You'll have 50 trips before the next two


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