Now It Is A Perk That Must Work!

The time has come to do, after a long long time of making it shoo. Or maybe just a long long time of ignoring it. I think you get that it has been a long long time for a long long bit.

The time to do.
The time is true.
The time for two.
I haven't a clue.

It's just time.
Now in my prime.
No hills to climb.
Can drop that dime.

Did this and that.
Chewed the fat.
Didn't go splat.
Even when a gnat.

But I won't be.
Nope, not me.
Now's the time, you see.
The time for me.

Gnat is gone.
You aren't a pawn.
It's a new dawn.
Can mow my own lawn.

I'll do it this way.
I've gotten my pay.
I've caused some dismay.
But now nice I'll play.

I'm here for you.
You can believe it to be true.
I'll stick like glue.
Only for a few years I made you blue.

Forget all of that.
Today's where it is at.
I threw away the gnat.
I got a nifty new hat.

The path is clear.
You've nothing to fear.
Don't shed a tear.
Forget the past year.

No oh me, oh my.
That doesn't apply.
I will at least try.
Don't get your hopes too high.

Those that burn bridges sure are grand. Don't you love when they come back and extend a hand? Then they think the right way should now apply. No matter what before they gave a try. They got to where they are now doing this and that, they may have even treated others like scat, but now all is fine because your and their way of doing things does align. Do you let that come to pass? Pffft is all they get from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Good verse Pat if one dosen't try you don't know what you can achieve I say.

    Have a good day.

    1. Everyone was doing things like not being #1. 7:02? c'mon guys, that's like 6 billion years in comment competition.

  2. They come back when they need you for something but never to say they were sorry.

    1. Yep, act all is fine
      Toss em in a forest full of pine

  3. sorry, the bridge is washed out after the fire

  4. Never burn a bridge, you might need some place to cross some day!

    1. Or at least get a boat
      Could get you over the moat

  5. The only bridge-burners who extend a hand
    To me expect me to put money in it so grand
    I wish they’d find a different money tree
    And for once and all leave me be

    1. The money tree ones
      They give us the runs
      As in we head for the door
      Or toss them out it at our shore

  6. Now It Is A Perk That Must Work!
    Things that are not just big talk
    The time has come
    To have some fun
    Nothing like seeing a few of them gawk


  7. Got to be careful not to burn a bridge
    but instead tried to build something up
    it might work to your advantage down the road
    especially if you are a pup


  8. That's the problem with burning bridges.

  9. Burning bridges can really be a problem.

  10. I won’t trust those who burned bridges!

    1. The trust is gone
      They can go pull another con

  11. Burning Bridges
    is like digging ditches
    may not be a good decision

    sorry, I haven't been around
    I'm just not feeling very sound

    1. Well a ditch may work
      A giant moat can be a perk

  12. Better to mend the bridges than burn them.

  13. Once the bridge is burned, it doesn't get repaired here. I'll throw more gas on the fire just so they know I'm not playing.

    1. haha that sucker must burn a long time
      May consider that a fire crime

  14. When some come around only when they want something
    I have learned not to be a ding-a-ling.
    when they try to shame and manipulate me
    the door slammed shut tells them to let me be

  15. I stay away from those who burned bridges. I don't have any ill will, but refuse to entertain to go through what they put me through again, no matter what their 'I promise I'll's' turn out to be.

    1. Yeah, the best way to be
      That way again they don't get thee

  16. Burning bridges behind you a person might regret.
    They may later regret being so hasty I bet.


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