On The Rise Without A Jolly Disguise!

The fat guy is jolly. He has some sort of holly. Whether that is Holly or not. I don't want to think of such eye rot. But jolly and fat. Seems to be where it is at. Unless you were creepy thin Santa Claus. He doesn't get an applause.

Jolly and fat.
How about that.
Look at the stat.
Increase is where it's at.

Obesity on the rise.
The news gives such cries.
Kids not on the go.
Look at that screen glow.

Pictures are shown.
Them and their phone.
Them there eating.
They say it needs beating.

A story of the week.
Out it shall leak.
Some health report thing.
The same old ring.

Know and known.
A familiar tone.
On the rise and blah blah.
But we don't see a ha ha.

No jolly and fat?
What's with that?
Santa loves it that way.
His twinkle shall stay.

Shouldn't all be cheery?
So cheery that it is eerie?
For he is so caring.
Presents and sharing.

Animals like him.
Him and his fat limb.
Or would that be limbs?
Hey, the light never dims.

So why so bad?
Glee should be had.
Uninterrupted glee across the land.
Being large is grand.

Obesity on the rise.
Allowing it is wise.
We'll make the world a cheery place.
Just look at the smile on that fat, jolly Santa's face.

The cat just solved the problems of the world. No more fists will be hurled. All will live in glee. Just let obesity rise from sea to sea. Forget heart attacks, diabetes, and the like. They can take a hike. We want to be jolly like that fat guy, having a twinkle in our eye. Can you tell I'm a sarcastic cat? Hey, the two molded as I thought of that. I had to let it come to pass. I think I'll twinkle my in shape little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Loved the sentiments in this poem Pat.
    I seem to be losing weight suddenly with all the problems in my life.

    Enjoy this new week.

  2. Tis the jolly to be seasoned!

  3. Okay, Scroogey Cat,
    That’s enough of that!
    No more ruining Christmas joy!
    Or you’ll not get a catnip toy!!!

    1. Then the cat will steal
      Back the paper he can peel

  4. Ho Ho Ho....makes me think of jolly ranchers. Mmm...candy

  5. Makes you wonder who is eating all this vegan and gluten-free crap! Lol

    1. That it does indeed
      As much larger things take seed

  6. On The Rise Without A Jolly Disguise!
    And always in control and looking wise
    Problems of obesity
    Resolved with no fees
    Sure of decent showing and looking nice


  7. Did my part this year to take care of obesity
    by losing quite a few pounds
    just hope others take heed
    and use judgment that is sound


  8. If only I could be a cat,
    I could taste and play with bats.
    The world is full of mystery,
    as I scamper along and create history

  9. Yep, I've heard that the PC idiots want to discourage portrayals of a fat Santa because it sends the "wrong message" to the little brats. I mean, children.

    1. Figures they'd want that
      They need to go chew, and choke, on fat

  10. Right you are about kids being glued to a screen, being less active, and being obese. It's not good socially or healthy.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Nope, not good either way
      As they sit and stare all day

  11. Is that a smile on Santa's face,
    Or does his tummy ache from eating the sweets?
    Maybe instead of the chocolates he should let healthy food take their place,
    Then his smile would be from fruit and veggie treats.
    (A hint to me, a chocolate lover.)

    1. Treats like that he may like
      Or coal may then take a hike

  12. Will the real "Santa" please stand up!

  13. Bring on the fudge
    and don't you judge
    I'll eat to that!
    Time to fatten my fat.

  14. If only being fat made one jolly...I think it only works for Santa Claus.

  15. Sarcastic? You? Santa does set a bad example for health. And ask any little kid forced to sit on his lap. Definitely a little creepy.

    1. Yep, creepy it can be
      A sarcastic cat is set free

  16. I’m cool with gaining a few pounds this time of year, but if I start looking like Santa, you have permission to slap some sense back into me.

    1. haha about what I say
      I tell someone to kick me down the stairs and watch me bounce if I ever get that way

  17. I just watched Miracle on 34th Street
    Edmund Gwynn is a real treat.
    He played the best Santa and I think you agree.
    He was sweet and honest as could be.
    He was not thin but not Walmart fat.
    We can thank Coca Cola for that

    1. Yeah, he played a great one indeed
      Not walmart fat at his feed

  18. Good ole Santa, he is a jolly fella. We all want to see that guy. Pat, you have a great day.


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