Rush On In For Today's Spin!

And so the day is near. The day when all are around and the mind is clear. They day when there is relaxation before the next few months of taxation. Damn, this isn't a summer beach day. I really need to watch what I say.

To and fro.
Go, go, go.
Never sit and stop.
Can't be a flop.

The kids are coming.
There's holiday humming.
Have to stop and watch.
I forgot the scotch.

That meant tape.
But wine of grape.
Now I have to go out.
I may as well get trout.

We'll need this and that.
I forgot the cat.
He needs a gift.
I will make it swift.

What's with the line?
This isn't fine.
I've got things to cook.
I have to give that a look.

Where'd you get that?
That's where it's at?
I think I need it.
It would be a hit.

The line is longer.
My arms need to be stronger.
This is a load.
Slower than a toad.

Why are you all here?
Where is the Christmas cheer?
Don't give me that look.
You should be home at your nook.

That's where I need to be.
The cat knocked down the tree.
Do you see what they sent?
I'm going to put him in a tent.

I forgot camping gear.
That store is near.
50 presents just isn't enough.
Damn it, I still have a turkey to stuff.

Are you one of those? Running around like a chicken with its head cut off and striking a pose? I think many a thing can wait. 50 presents is a fine rate. No need to go this way and that. But then I'm just a relaxed cat. I may need a nap after that though. You humans are supposed to be relaxing but still on the go go go. And, yep, you are still out in mass. Seen it plenty a time on this day with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas Pat and thanks for support you have given me.


  2. all is calm here. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. Nope! Shopping was done weeks ago and we hit the grocery store last Friday. Today is all about enjoying.

  4. This the jolly to get seasoned!

  5. Rush On In For Today's Spin!
    True about last-minute shopping
    When they appear lost
    They're making the most
    An annual affair they're enjoying


  6. We made it the whole season without the cat knocking over a thing. Woohoo!! She did try to eat the miniature Christmas tree though, so I had to box that one up and put it away. As for boxes arriving at the house? She's THRILLED with that and has taken to one so much, I'm keeping it for her home away from home (her cat tower, my couch, the beds, you name it, lol). Merry Christmas!

    1. haha that is good that it was just a tree
      They try to eat the big one at our sea
      A good box she has found
      With many an extra around

  7. Nope, pretty much done
    Just ready to start having the fun!


  8. Merry Christmas Pat and to all the kitties too. Have A wonderful day.

  9. Full speed ahead!
    Heck, why speed at all?
    Don't speed. Hit the bed.
    Sleep, weep and stall!

    Merry Christmas, Pat!

    1. That's it?
      Damn, that won't keep certain things fit

  10. Tiger here: I just want to go outside but my master says it's too cold.
    Patches here: All I want is something good to eat but when I jump up on the cabinet all my master does is scold.

    1. haha can't get a win
      Wait until she goes to sleep at your bin

  11. Busiest time of year, for me;
    Work keeps me less than free.
    But now the year is almost done;
    Can't wait for January 1!

    1. Round and round it shall go
      Soon tax time don't you know

  12. I did have to make a Costco run. Thankfully, they weren't busy at all. I guess I was one of the few last minute shopping idiots this year.

    1. Only a few this year
      Good time to go and get in gear

  13. Well, I'm relaxing now! Happy Holdays, Pat and Cats!


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