So That's Where Really Doesn't Care!

What is the point in the know if you never intend to go? Maybe you intend to run? Beats the heck out of me under any sun. Hey, I know where that is. I can pass that sunny quiz.

Here we are.
By train or car.
Not by plane.
That's just a pain.

Or maybe truck.
What the fluck.
There they are.
Get back in the car.

So they live there.
I was never aware.
Do I really care?
Nope, but they live there.

They live everywhere.
But we've done that to spare.
But they live there.
But's and there's to spare.

Did you know?
Blow for blow.
Repeat the task,
With each you ask.

They live there.
Living to spare.
I never knew that.
That's where they are at.

Did you know?
Blow for blow.
Repeat the repeat.
It's ever so sweet.

Wait. You knew?
That can't be true.
You go and visit?
Don't pop, pop, fizz it.

I know you lie.
I'm the in the know guy.
They live there.
And I really don't care.

But now I know.
I told you so.
You may, but I don't care.
I just know that they live there.

Did you care? No? But...but...they live there. Pfffffffffffffft says the cat. Who cares where someone you haven't seen in years, barely know, etc. stays at. Unless you want to avoid them in mass. Then you can take that pass. Ever get anyone who just keeps telling everyone because they are soooooooooooo surprised by it? Did they expect them to live in a dirt pit? Heard it over and over and over again from some lass. Whoopdi friggin doo sure came out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I do care when family can't bother.
    I was always there for them as a loving mother.
    With Christmas time in sight.
    Perhaps.....just perhaps I may well might.

    Great verse Pat. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. 3 not 2
    Well, Scooby Doo!
    And a good morning to you

    1. Don't care if they live there
      Don't care if they got a room to spare
      Don't care if Bora id their thing
      Don't care if they can sing
      Don't care if they show me all the pics
      Or their face in a couple of youtube flicks
      Don't care if they show off their new kid
      Don't care what the kid did, does or hid
      If they never say hi to me
      In the place to be
      If they never care to remember my name
      I don't care about their look-where-we-live game
      It's a damn shame.

      Just so you know
      At the Kitty Cat Show

    2. haha sure got the don't care
      Got it to spare
      All of it is crap
      If you don't even know the chap
      Whoopdi friggin doo
      Don't even care where their dog goes to the loo

  3. Unless maybe you just want to make fun of their house?

  4. HA! I think we know Bijoux's Mom too!

  5. I don't know Bijoux's mom. But Brian's mom....whoa

  6. We have always been the ones who make the effort to fly out to visit family. They seldom fly out to us. Used to bother me, but it probably a good thing.

    1. Yeah, then you don't have to deal with the mess left behind
      Leave and home you soon find

  7. Replies
    1. Earplugs would be good
      Then not even in in ones hood

  8. Haha not so much but it can be good conversation topic :-)

    1. I suppose it can be
      But then you want to flee

  9. You certainly got some strong responses to this post, Pat! I care where my family lives, because I love going there-ever to see them. Fortunately it's reciprocal. My brother and his wife are coming here for a week in two days. After living many years in Kuwait City, they are finding the snow and cold in Calgary a bit much!

    1. The cold and snow out there would be a bit much indeed
      Bad enough here at our feed

  10. I have family in California that I care where they are at. The rest are local, so I dint care where they live because it’s not fun here lol

    1. lol no fun at your pad
      Why you want out more than a tad?

  11. So That's Where Really Doesn't Care!
    Wherever they want to stay for a dare
    Good to be near
    Creates less fear
    Able to visit it is only being fair


  12. Oh, they live in a palace that is blue
    I thought they lived in a big shoe.
    They have a golden toilet?
    Oops, I said and just spoiled it.
    Who the fluck cares?
    Some do and love the stares.
    I couldn’t care less
    To me, these people are a royal mess.


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