The Magic Number While You Slumber!

The time will magically change tonight. That will make everything all right. Yep, it surely will. Go to bed and dream of your next thrill. Oh, was that a pill? Damn, you had to pay another bill.

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2018 is nearly through.
Did a good year come due?
Did it rather suck?
Ready to pass the buck?

2019 is nearly new.
Did a good year come due?
Did it rather suck?
Ready to pass the buck.

A repeat rhyme.
Done for a time.
Done for a point.
As always at my joint.

Or maybe not all the time.
But hey, went with the rhyme.
But still got a point.
Magic shall soon anoint.

There you go.
Poof, a rhyme show.
It was magically done.
And what have you won?

The exact same crap.
Sorry there, chap.
18 or 19 or 55,
All the same kinda dive.

You won't magically be better.
You won't magically get some winning letter.
You won't magically have a better year.
You won't magically find cheer.

It could even be worse.
You may even curse.
Not like a curse though,
For they are bs, you know.

Just like your magic.
My, how tragic.
Things can't magically be.
Hold on....I had to pee.

Now I'm back.
Magic I lack.
I had to let it flow.
Oh look, a new low.

Did the cat spoil your mood? The cat loves to give the magic day attitude. For humans are rather pathetic as can be. Yeah, things will magically change because a new number came to view for thee. And I have a bridge to sell you too. It comes with its own loo. Get it while supplies last. It will magically get there fast. Nothing will change unless you want it done and no magic day will make it be spun. Yep, you'll even still have to mow the grass. Not sorry to say, from my not so magical little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      I think you hold the years
      number one rank....
      Cheers to you and yours

    2. That's 3 in a row
      Sprinting across
      The new year to go
      Running like a horse


    3. Good morning True
      Thanks, cheers to you too!


    4. Last of the year
      Made it clear

    5. Now will he get first of the year?

  2. Great verse Pat. Happy New Year to you and thanks for your support this past year.


  3. another day, another dollar. I'm not keen on New Year's Eve. But enjoy yours and celebrate in fine fettle. Extra catnip for all.

    1. Sleep is what is in order
      On our side of the border

  4. Deadlines at work will lighten after today
    For about nine months peace will stay
    Then the madness starts all over again
    And I’ll once again long for the year’s end

    1. haha round and round it goes
      From peace to woes

  5. Yep, just another day but we are still hoping it is better!

    1. Yeah, a fine hope
      Maybe crap and bad will elope

  6. It might not be a magical year
    But, I hope it brings less tears
    hopefully, it brings more cheer

    1. More cheer is a win
      At any bin
      I'd just take more dough
      But that you know lol

  7. Happy new year dear Pat, thanks by all the support, the smiles and all, xoxox

  8. I love new year's, just because it's festive. :) We'll be staying up until midnight to hoot and holler, and blow our ribbon horns. :) Happy New Year to you!

    1. haha hoot and holler away
      Just don't scare the cat at your bay

  9. January doesn't mean that it's magically a better month. But we do get to start another year and hope it's better.

  10. 2018 wasn't too bad a year
    better than the two years before
    but looking forward to 2019
    and see what it holds in store

    Happy New Year!


  11. 2018 is almost done.
    Whew! Thank goodness! See ya! Goodbye!
    So much was not fun.
    Tonight I'll be a drunken guy.

  12. Replies
    1. Hopefully yours is grand
      Happy new year in your land

  13. Orlin busted my bubble. I was hoping for a magical 2019:)

  14. Happy New Year, Pat. I hope 2019 brings joy and happiness to you and the cat.

    1. We shall see what comes to be
      Hopefully a great 2019 is had for thee

  15. I get excited when New Year hits because that means the holiday season is over and I can start counting down the days to summer.

    Happy New Year Pat!

  16. I'm happy to see this year end. Onward and upward, Pat!


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