The Off Days Catch Your Gaze!

These days there is a way less set pace. I just gave a these days embrace. See? The cat uses such things too, even after I make fun at my zoo. These days that is the norm. Oh, look, a crappy storm.

Work has come.
Work has gone.
Don't be dumb,
That's a con.

A con for some.
A con for many.
Some are glum.
Some don't have any.

Holidays to come.
Holidays to go.
Work off your bum,
Even in the snow.

Cancelled a task.
Cancelled a ferry.
Some grab a flask,
Others get hairy.

Out they go.
Work the shift.
No matter the show.
No matter how swift.

Days to hold.
Days to use.
Treat them like gold,
Until lighting the fuse.

Oops, too late.
Can't have you off.
Sorry, there mate.
No need to scoff.

Use them later.
Like maybe next year.
Don't be a hater.
Don't give me that peer.

This is how it goes.
You must work for pay.
So get to those rows.
Go and slave away.

Your life is determined.
Determined by we.
You once were a sperm and...
Then you were set not so free.

Ever have to work in a place like that? Where you could have vacation days up to bat, but then nope, can't have those. We'll give them to the crows. Ever have to work on holidays too? So many workers still on the go no matter what comes due. Can be easy to miss how many have to go. The world has to keep on a turning, you know. At least for the human mass. I get every day off with my feline little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. So many people have to work on public holidays for our benefit and I for one am thankful. I have too much time on my hands sice retiring.

    Enjoy the weekend Pat.

    1. Yeah, thankful for those indeed
      As they work away at each feed

  2. Yes, working retail from Oct to Jan was a nightmare. Didn't have a Saturday off for 5 months one year and missed a few friends' weddings because of it!

    1. Damn, sure had you going and going
      With the retail showing

  3. my new company is a bit of too much work ethic attitude. No holiday on Fri after Thanksgiving, no Christmas Eve off....thanks Mr. Scrooge!

    1. They sure want you to work and work
      High work ethic isn't always a perk

  4. Cancelled work days are the best ones!

  5. Fortunately I work in a place where I just tell them I'm taking the day off and they say all right. Plus we get all the holidays. I even had Wednesday off this week.

    1. That sure is a nice spot to be
      Take it off and flee

  6. Yes, corporate America had me once
    Often left me feeling like a dunce
    No time was my time; bills had to be paid
    Compared to that, my life’s now made in the shade!

    1. Sure can suck one in
      And around and around we spin

  7. I work at this place
    sad to say
    have had to work holidays
    and also Saturdays


  8. The Off Days Catch Your Gaze!
    Work ethics differ in places
    Some enjoy like hell
    Others aren't so swell
    All up to us to set the pace


    1. taking a vacation from being #1?

    2. A pace to set
      Can be a tough bet

    3. Not a vacation, Adam
      Just a little distraction!


    4. Distracted at your sea
      Hopefully fun for thee

  9. I am blessed to say
    I don't have to work on a holiday
    It is straight Monday to Friday
    I'm not in retail or any other fray
    I am one lucky gal..all the way!

    1. A good way to be indeed
      Just the normal work speed

  10. I never did but my daughter has had to work on all the holidays.

    1. Kinda stinks there
      Hopefully better pay for those days at her lair

  11. I always had to work on holidays but didn't mind at all. I had a fun job. Pat, you have a great day.

  12. I think now I work a lot of more than when I was a Secretary. When you work out you finish and forget. Here never, And always something to do.So is Holidays or not always the same .But is ok.
    Have a nice wekend!

  13. My place of work is good about my days off- but I usually give them a lot of notice and most of my time off follows the school calendar at work.

    1. School can do that
      Have to be ready where you're at

  14. I always feel bad when people work on the holidays...especially places that aren't even necessary to be open, like fast food restaurants.

    1. Yeah, some should be closed up
      Few come in to fill their cup

  15. Lucky for me I do get most holidays off. Vacation requests have to be given in advance and there are blocked out time periods where no days are allowed.

    1. Blocked out we've seen
      Can sure not be serene

  16. That's one thing that's great about the job of a teacher.
    We get good holidays off, we lucky creatures.

  17. My husband doesn't have to work holidays, but gets screwed over all the time when he asks to use his vacation days. Last year he had a whole week leftover by the end of the year, and while technically they are supposed to use them or lose them, he's upper management and salaried, so he rolled them over into this year as did the other higher up who got screwed over the previous year. There are only certain chunks of dates they are allowed to use their vacation days on, so if other workers already requested them, he's SOL.

    1. So have to know a year in advance
      Maybe some prophet glance
      I'd keep them too
      Getting screwed over is no fun at any zoo

  18. We used to call it working as a security officer!


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