The Reject Way Here Today!

The cat will reject you today. Oops, now I have nothing else to say. I just rejected you and you ran away. I hope you didn't cry over what I had to say. That hurts the cat's ears. So you can keep the tears.

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A simple rejection.
That is a detection.
It comes and it goes.
There are highs and lows.

Can't sit and neglect.
Always a reject.
Rejection for you.
Rejection times two.

May turn into a million.
Could stray toward a billion.
I am too lazy to count.
But it is a high amount.

See? I rejected counting.
Like Pat rejected me mounting.
How rude is that?
Making me a snip snip cat.

Are you back to neglected?
That I just detected.
Sorry, it's been rejected.
Keep the poor pitiful me infected.

What else is new?
I just rejected you.
No need to talk.
Did you just balk?

Oh rejected me?
Can I get a yippee?
You got rejection for that construction job?
I guess accountant you couldn't stand up to construction Bob.

You got rejected by the NBA?
And why? Because golf is what you play?
Damn, I feel rejected now.
I'm sure in the NBA with my litter box skills I could wow.

You got rejected for a loan?
You got rejected from a phone?
You got rejected from a date?
Maybe you better get one you can inflate?

You rejected my help?
You rejected my yelp?
Can you do that when it isn't done?
I'll reject you once more just for fun.

Do you feel rejected yet? Did you get rejected by this pet? Does rejection make you hiss and spit? Guess what? Learn not to give a shit. You reject things and people and whatever every day. You just rejected traveling to Timbuktu at your bay. Sometimes rejection also needs to come to pass. Sorry, not really, a golfer can't get into the NBA with my litter box skilled little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. T - This Friday #1
    getting up early gets it done
    Now off to work so not fun

  2. I've been rejected by my family,
    To me what could be worse?
    I wish I knew what I've done wrong.
    So I put my thoughts down in verse.

    It helps me no end I can tell.
    It relieves all pain and sorrow.
    Hoping with all the expectations.
    I'll hear from them tomorrow.

    Thanks Pat. Hope your Christmas was good.

  3. rejection and dejection
    easy to have a pity party

  4. Rejection stings and makes us sad,
    Ruins lives and spreads much bad.
    But to the bright side we must always look,
    Never biting the depression hook.

    1. That we must
      Biting such a hook may make us rust

  5. If I've been rejected I just go a different way
    Don't try to think too much about it and ruin my play.


  6. I reject new food from time to time...or most of the time!

  7. I am a Reject already, I reject your rejection!

  8. I've been rejected a few times.
    By publishers to name a few.
    When it happens, I really want to whine.
    Then I decide to look on the bright side and look for someone new.

    1. Always someone new out there
      Just have to look at one's lair

  9. Rejection comes in many ways. So, I would have to say I have been rejected, but may not have realized it.

    1. Yeah, we don't think at the time
      But comes with its chime

  10. I think we all get rejected here and there. But better things tend to come along, so I don't dwell on it when it happens.

  11. I have a bad time with rejection
    That is my issue, like a man’s non-erection.
    Can’t take it to heart
    Cos it’s like a noxious fart.
    This is the best I can do
    I am battling a fever’s true.

    1. haha no erection would suck
      On that we pass the buck


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