The Tweeting Spirit Makes You Fear It!

This will make you think the new year is grand. I'll give your so called magic a hand. People say such magical things after all. On Twitter they just never stall.

My goal for today was on time.
So it didn't get stopped by a mime?
Love is friendship that has caught fire.
Damn, dial 911 if things get dire.

pornomat: more...
No thanks at our shore.
It is national fruitcake day and I can't believe it.
My, the fruitcakes are sure coming out to twit.

The weene side.
Between a right and left ride?
Take a stand against crime.
Is that like the equivalent of a talking mime?

Men and women need to understand what makes each other trick.
Hmmm the coppers may then arrest you some slick.
I'm on the loan, okay?
I don't know, did you crush it at your bay?

This morning I started my second full week.
A baby genius just gave twitter a peek.
Stock fell and rose and where were you?
I think I was dropping something in the loo.

Cats talk with their nails.
Only when humanity fails.
My job is all jobbed out.
So can you still call it a job when about?

Meals take free.
Days old, so no fee?
Why must animals eat my grass?
Because you didn't have a sign saying do not trespass?

Can you hop and eat?
Wouldn't that ruin any treat?
Things can't go wrong for me.
And you are complaining why at your sea?

Boiled eggs and toast.
And you just wanted to boast?
Stylin with my rocking boots.
And we should give two hoots?

Don't take the wave, take the ocean.
My, that may cause a world-wide commotion.
With new years coming now is the time to get ready for the magic.
Another sucker has been born, how tragic.

And there you go. Don't you love a magic show? The words are so magical for you. Now you can go and tweet a few. Tweet the magic far and near. Be sure and let everyone hear. For it is oh so real. And pssst I'm really a rhyming wheel. Any magically dumb tweets that you've seen come to pass? Or maybe just a few funny ones in mass? Or a spambot lass? I don't need any pornomats to wipe my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Some interesting thoughts put to rhyme. Well done Pat. Have a great day.

  2. Magic is fun but I wish I could make my neighbor disappear.

    1. We wish we could make money appear
      Then the coast would be clear

  3. Magic shows make me amazed
    but Twitter I could do without
    who has time to keep up with it all
    with time to get it done without a shout


    1. Yeah, just a time suck
      On it we pass the buck

  4. Twitter is the evil empire where people are mean but I go there just the same with my hate/hate relationship of it. Evil magic, indeed.

    1. Yeah, hate hate sums it up
      Better off scooping poop of a pup

  5. I like to Tweet and pass on the word, if you take a good look though, the concept's absurd. :) Happy New Years Pat and cats! :)

    1. Absurd it is in the end
      Hopefully your new years starts off on a good trend

  6. I once tweeted poetic songs
    but deaf ears never heard
    broken-hearted I moved along
    singing the tune of the blackbird

    1. Tweet tweet to one and all
      Deaf sure can make it stall

  7. The weenie side
    does not impress
    the weenie side
    should not undress
    the weenie side
    is a frigid one
    the weenie side
    is old and not fun.

    1. Someone has weenies on the brain
      Find one without a cane

  8. Cats talk with their mouth too Saying things like Scooby Doo!
    Just so you know
    At the kitty cat show

  9. I guess we can't retweet here.

  10. I don't tweet and I try to not read tweets. The king of tweets here is beyond one should have such limited crappy word power of nonsense. Alas!

  11. The Tweeting Spirit Makes You Fear It!
    Time consuming perhaps it does not fit
    Little messages
    Much less usage
    Rather use others to fulfill more needs


  12. I don't belong to Twitter these past few years.... perhaps I should Pat.


  13. Who the hell are you following, Pat? 😱

    1. Way too many
      Don't know any
      May nuke it
      After a bit

  14. I'd like to go back to the days before Twitter where we didn't have to hear every stupid little thought that pops into one's head.

    1. Yeah, that would sure be nice
      But then we could cut out ourselves to avoid that spice


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