The Very Returns For Holiday Earns!

The holidays sure bring about a lot. A lot of crap over which many fought. Had to have this or that. But that was done by the cat. This time one word returns to all and it is sure out there having a ball.

It's that time of year.
The time to watch where you steer.
The time to stay clear.
The time when nuts are near.

The crazies are out.
At you they shout.
They may even honk.
Watch for a head conk.

But aren't they always out?
Yep, out and about.
They have to eat.
Out for a treat.

So comes the word.
The word for the absurd.
It adds to the task.
May depend on who you ask.

Very crazy at play.
Very crazy until Christmas day.
Very likely the case.
Very likely they keep up the pace.

But they still give you a wish,
While trying to get turkey to dish.
And a Very Merry Christmas to you.
Does very makes it more fun to view?

I've got a very lot to do.
So more than usual at your zoo?
Does a lot need a very?
Oh, you're very merry.

What does that look like?
Like Santa on a hike?
He may be very sweaty.
May need some spaghetti.

A very good sale.
So a good sale hits fail?
Did you look into it more?
It may very well be a rip off store.

I'm very sure of it.
I'm very busy for a bit.
I'm very, very in the holiday mood.
You know, you are very rude.

Do you use very a lot this time of year? Many sure give very a cheer. How can you be very in a lot of those cases? Doesn't a lot cover most of the very bases? Doesn't the likes of merry go without needing a very? If you were good or okay, then maybe very could come to play. Did I think about this very much? Nah, just a touch. I very much wanted to let very have some sass. So I very well let it happen from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Good afternoon True
      Nice sharing with you!


    2. Christmas came early for Hank

    3. Yes Adam, Christmas greetings
      Towards 2019, we're already moving!


    4. Already moving indeed
      Then 2020 will come at the same speed

  2. There certainly is a very, very lot going on this time of year.
    Enjoy yourself today Pat.


  3. Well it is that time of year
    just go to the mall & you will see
    it is very crazy it will become clear
    parking is limited, bringing no glee
    lines are long all buying gifts to cheer
    patience is low on their shopping spree
    smile it can change the atmosphere
    making things ( very )intense, I would agree

    So very just means more than usual
    does that make it (more) unusual

    Haha - pondering

    1. haha the very has you thinking
      As the very goes a sinking
      While the nuts are very much out
      And they very well might shout

  4. The crazy people are always out, just this time of the year makes them more intense.
    And we are all crazy - some just more than others.

    1. Intense they sure can be
      Can't argue with thee

  5. Very nutty on the road
    folks veer left to go right
    I don't close my eyes, keep all in sight
    watch for stray car blinkers
    they are the stinkers

  6. And a very merry Christmas to you, Pat!

  7. I’m VERY tired of all the craze
    Surrounding this VERY dumb shopping phase
    I’m VERY ready for it to end
    And back to a VERY regular trend

    1. Very ready at your sea
      Still some very to get by for thee

  8. The crazies are very much out all the time here!

  9. I think all the crazies are at the post office. Have you been there, lately? Insane!

    1. I've have to deliver the crap
      Sure crazy all over the map

  10. That's why it is good to keep
    it nice and simple this time of year
    I think too many people have had
    too much of eggnog cheer


    1. That they have indeed
      As they suck it back at high speed

  11. I had to think about that. I'm not sure that I do anytime of year.

    1. No very for you
      A very good thing at your zoo

  12. We are getting ready to go mix with the crazies right now. Oh joy.

  13. The crazies are out.
    Of that there's no doubt.
    But Christmas will come and Christmas will go.
    And then? Until Spring. Nothing but snow.

    1. And with a snow mountain here
      And a snow mountain there
      No one will be able to peer
      When I piddle on side the road without care

  14. There is certainty a lot of very around this time of the year!

  15. The Very Returns For Holiday Earns!
    Putting a lot that had been learned
    Christmas crazies
    Everyone all busy
    On many things with money to burn


  16. Replies
    1. lol got the very approval from you
      Works for our zoo

  17. Very very good use of very. Good.

  18. This year I'm not flying
    And I'm not buying.
    I'll be staying at home
    Crazy on my own.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  19. We very definitely need more cheer! ;)

  20. I am very lax in my blogging visits
    Nothing rhymes with that fitzwizzits.
    I thought of Dr. Seuss this time
    I needed something to rhyme.
    I do write Very quite a bit
    I'm guilty as spit.

    1. If you can't make it fit
      Just make up a word for it

  21. The crazies don't stay in.
    That would bring a grin
    When I go out and shout
    about how it's great to be crazy,
    no doubt
    'cuz I fit in and not out.

  22. Thank God for online shopping. It's a great way to avoid the crazies during the holidays. I probably do use very too much, but my mom tells me I use the f* word too much too, so if I overuse very, I think that's probably okay.

    1. haha you? The f word?
      Geez, now that sound flucking absurd

  23. I'm very happy to be online and get my shopping done, usually. This year, I may have procrastinated too long though, and will have to hit the stores to make sure gifts are purchased and wrapped in time (shipping dates are already saying past Dec. 25 in some places). Telling someone 'your gift is on the way' doesn't really fly on Christmas Day.

    1. Yeah, an I owe you isn't so grand
      Unless you know it's a new car coming in one's land

  24. Very as in they can kiss my butt very much?
    You know, such and such...


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