The Worth Of Dough Gets A Go!

The cat can just relax. I don't even have to pay tax. I'll leave that to my slave. I'll just curl up in my cat cave. But you humans sure do a lot. Then things go to pot. Then you wonder why. Maybe the dollar sign in each eye?

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Have to go.
Have to run.
Need that dough.
Can't have fun.

20 hour days.
6 days a week.
My eyes my glaze,
But I get the dough I seek.

The 7th day of rest?
Bah, who needs that?
I work 21 hours at best.
I'm not a lazy cat.

Sleep can wait.
It isn't needed.
Money is my fate.
Tons is seeded.

Look at my account?
It is so large.
The tax man takes their amount,
But I'm still in charge.

Months to years.
I've made that much more.
But I don't get cheers.
No one's at my door.

No one at all.
My body is toast.
But I won't stall.
I will just boast.

I've got it all.
All in my account.
It sits and won't stall.
It's so much I can't count.

Do you want to see?
Come and look.
I worked for my money tree.
I don't even have need for a nook.

Look at it there.
Just sitting in the account.
I have money to spare.
A cash mountain to mount.

Do you humans hear yourselves sometimes? My, what the chimes. One actually went on and on to me about it. He thought he was the shit. Broken with nothing but a tiny apartment at his sea. But he had all that money that never goes on any kind of shopping spree. He works, it sits. That would give me fits. What is the point in having a ton and nothing at all? Crappy health leaving one curled up in a ball? We'll take the middle of the grass. We don't want Pat not spending money on my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. What's the point of money if you don't use it and enjoy it?

    1. Yep, sitting there won't do much
      Just gets left behind and such

  2. Use the money to have fun and nice things. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. Nope, nothing at all
      Beats an apt the size of a small hall

  3. Yep, I say spend it on fun and food too!

  4. Some like to horde away the dough
    then they have no fun at their show
    What's the point of all that cash
    if you won't spend a bit of the stash

    1. Yep, you just live it for others when you croak
      Screw that, says this bloke

  5. Better to save a lot
    and spend a little
    and then one can enjoy life
    without being so brittle


  6. I can't imagine having piles of money- but I do try to keep some in savings in case of emergency. Of course- my savings would seem like nothing to others. :)

    1. Yeah, we're that way too
      Compared to some, ours would be poo

  7. I save but also spend for kitties :-)

    1. Kitties get the win
      Adding to their stash at your bin

  8. Nothing better than spending money on the kitty kats here. It makes the Mom so happy to make the cats happy. Pat you have a very Merry Christmas.

    1. Cats happy are a win
      As they run around one's bin

  9. this week's stock market collapse has been like a souflee (sp?)

  10. I used to be careful about spending my money.
    Then one day I started thinking who was I saving it for?
    Now I'm still careful but have fun spending it more.

  11. The pursuit of money
    can cause much tension.
    But, ain't it funny?
    Can't pay attention.

    1. Won't take a dime
      Attention deficient disorder some of the time

  12. The Worth Of Dough Gets A Go!
    On spending spree all the more
    Dough an advantage
    Create a heritage
    One's standing given a big glow


  13. It's sad when you put in the hours, but have little to show for it. I know I often feel like that.

  14. I'm a saver, unless someone mentions travel. Then I'm all about spending our dough. My husband insists I buy something for myself every now and again. When I do make a purchase, I'll hide it away, then tell my husband to give it to me for Christmas. I've been sitting on a new handbag and pair of shoes since June and just got them today lol

    1. lol wow, 6 months sure takes some will power
      Saving sure beats a credit shower


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