This Post Will Differ From A Butt Sniffer!

A different post will come to be. It will be a boring one from Pat at our sea. Yeah, and I'm a rhyming dog. But we will let differ be a hog. For it shall not. Differ will be proven not to be so hot.

This post will differ.
I mentioned the butt sniffer.
I guess I ruined that.
Same rhyme at my mat.

No, no remake.
It differs from that partake.
I used it right.
Differ has bite.

Or maybe not.
Know of the remake plot?
Know of my hate?
Why would differ need to mate?

Wouldn't it just be no?
Differ need not be given a go.
Differ becomes filler.
Like a background guy in Thriller.

Was there even any?
Beats me if one or many.
This isn't a music post.
It differs from that at my coast.

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Common sense was had.
You know it differs at my pad.
That filler cropped back in.
We can't let differ win.

This movie differs from that one.
One aliens come and blow things up a ton.
The other a cartoon frog hops into a pond.
Nothing happens beyond.

Hmm differ is still stuck.
What the fluck?
It sure isn't whelmed.
Over and under differ when helmed.

Isn't that the point?
A differ with over and under at any joint?
I beg to differ.
I really must be a butt sniffer.

Now differ is begging.
Next it will be bootlegging.
Then it will go to jail.
There differ will surely fail.

Do you beg to differ with me? Are you a differ user at your sea? Did you know differ was just filler? Were you a background guy in Thriller? Do you differ things that are obviously different things? Like a worm and a bird with wings. Of course they differ like an ant and the singing bass. I won't beg to differ that, or much, if anything, else with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. T for True is #1
      As Thursday as begun

    2. Good morning True
      Congrats to you


    3. Haha were you a background guy in Thriller?
      dancing to the zombie beat, a blood spiller...

    4. You are a joy to see
      True, being up so early!


    5. Or maybe with zombie feet
      Being #1 can get you that visual treat

  2. Please don’t cry a river
    But, to this I might differ

    Haha is this rhyme a crime

  3. I'm okay as long as I don't have to sniff a singing bass!

    1. May smell bad
      Depends where it has been at one's pad

  4. I try not to beg.
    Merry Christmas, Pat and cats!

    1. Not begging is good
      Hope a grand one is had in your hood

  5. I love the word differ
    it cleans up my grammar like a Swiffer
    and makes me sound so very smart
    as I gaze upon someone's word art
    and say, "This one differs from that
    because it's from a dog not a cat"

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    1. One eye needs all the help she can muster
      Differ makes her look a bit better than a feather duster
      What? The cat had to
      Hope a grand Christmas is had at your zoo

  6. As I write a pattern for a flake
    I hope it differs from each one I make

  7. Nothing to differ here
    let's all be of good cheer!


  8. I try to give, not to beg.

    Merry Christmas, Pat, and to all at your crib.

  9. This Post Will Differ From A Butt Sniffer!
    Just take it at face value and not to bother
    May differ in some
    It had just begun
    And still it should not be taken as a spoiler


  10. I too, have nothing to differ about. Things are good. Pat, you have a some great holidays.

  11. I can think of nothing to differ about.
    So I'm sending a happy shout.

  12. I try not to differ, but my husband will tell you otherwise. Apparently, I'm a nagger, not a differ-er.

    1. haha at least you have that in the bag
      You know how to be a nag


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